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Monster Truck Maniac Controls

Monster Truck Maniac is controlled by using the left and right arrow keys to move your truck. Some levels will require the use of the mouse.

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Monster Truck Maniac Walkthrough

Monster Truck Maniac is a physics game where you control a monster truck while trying to compete tasks. The game features simple graphics, but this does not mean that the game is low-quality; simple graphics work for this game.

When you start Monster Truck Maniac, you are taken to the main menu. Driving your truck to the right will take you to the options screen where you can customize your truck's colors or mute the game's music. Driving to the left takes you to the game menu. On the game menu, you can go right to the "games" section, which you can use to play each type of mission offered in infinite mode to either practice for missions or submit your score.

Monster Truck Maniac features sixteen missions. These missions consist of trying to reach the goal of a given distance. There are four types of missions: long jumps, sea mines, air mines, and bus jumps. Long jump missions allow you to modify the height of the ramp by using your mouse before you jump. The objective will be to achieve a given horizontal distance. Your distance and speed can be boosted by running over land mines (greyish circles) or you can be slowed down by mud puddles. You can still control your monster truck's left and right movement while in the air.

The second type of mission featured in Monster Truck Maniac is the sea mine mission. Sea mine missions are similar to long jump missions since the objective is to reach a horizontal distance goal. The difference is that there is no ground to roll on, or mud puddles that will slow you down. If you miss one sea mine, you will fall into the sea, and fail the mission if you did not reach the goal. My advice here is to take things slow. Fine control of your truck will be necessary to hit each mine in order to avoid falling into the water.

The third type of mission in Monster Truck Maniac is the air mine mission, which is my personal favorite. Air mine missions give you the goal of reaching a certain vertical distance, in contrast to the previous mission types. You gain altitude by contacting mines the float in the air, jumping from mine to mine. As your altitude increases, you'll realize that the mines begin to move horizontally. The mines move faster and faster the higher you get, presenting a major challenge!

The final type of mission is the bus jump. These missions instruct the player to jump over a certain number of buses. These missions are very simple, and seem to be bonus missions, although the missions are not scored.

Monster Truck Maniac might be frustrating at times, but keep at it. This is an addicting and challenging game!