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Mojo Karts Controls

Mojo Karts is controlled by using the keyboard. Accelerate and reverse by using the up and down arrow keys respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. Press the spacebar to jump and the shift key to fire missiles. The P key pauses the game.

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Mojo Karts Walkthrough

Mojo Karts is an action-packed Shockwave go-kart racing game. This kart game features cute 3D graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay!

Mojo Karts has two modes of gameplay: Tournament Mode and Quick Race. In Tournament Mode, your objective is to beat three AI-controlled racers to the finish line. If you finish in first place, you will advance to the next race. If you do not finish the race in first, you will have to keep trying until you beat the competition in order to advance. Quick Race Mode is similar to Tournament Mode, but instead of competing in a circuit of races, you will only be competing in a single race. I personally prefer to play Quick Race Mode when playing this racing game, since it allows players to set the number of laps and play on any of the four tracks without having to complete prior races.

Mojo Karts uses a simple keyboard control scheme. The up arrow key is used to drive forward and the down arrow key is used to drive backward. The left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle. You can leap by pressing the spacebar, but this function has limited use. Finally, if you are in possession of a homing missile, you can fire it by pressing the shift key. Mojo Karts may have an easy control scheme, but actually controlling your vehicle is another matter. Newcomers may find the controls to be slippery compared to other racing games. To overcome this problem, I advise players not to drive at maximum speed, and to tap the left and right arrow keys lightly when steering rather than holding them down. Keep practicing and you will eventually get the hang of it!

Like games in the Mario Kart series, Mojo Karts has its share of powerups. Repair powerups and booster powerups are automatically activated upon their collection. In the case of boosts, it may behoove you to avoid them if they are placed on a curve, since boosting while turning may make it difficult to control your vehicle. When homing missiles are collected, they are stocked on top of your kart. You may fire them by pressing the shift key. It is advisable to get rid of your missiles if you are in the lead; missiles cannot be fired backwards, and they will explode if you are hit by one of your opponents' missiles, further damaging your kart!

Mojo Karts is a solid kart game, with its only downfall being its slippery controls. Once you have mastered controlling your vehicle, you will have a blast in this pulse-pounding racing game!