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Mining Truck 2 Controls

W moves forward, S moves backwards, left and right tilt the vehicle's balance.

  • Rating: 4.35/5

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Mining Truck 2 Walkthrough

Sequel to Mining Truck despite the more primitive technology in use. Mining Truck 2 like the predecessor is a physics-based driving game which involves driving a trolly to bring supplies from inside the mines to the destination. Simple right? Nope.

Mines are dangerous places and this game is not an exception. Too much weight on thin bridges will cause them to collapse, sending your cargo down into a deep chasm and upsetting your boss in the progress. Mining Truck 2 is a bit more forgiving than Mining Truck, as you don't have as many things to worry about at once falling out the back of your truck every time you touch an anthill.

Between stages in the mines, you can upgrade the durability and performance of your vehicle, making the game that much easier. How fast you upgrade is based on how well you do as usual.

As a physics-based game, Mining Truck can have multiple solutions to the problems, including some extremely creative ones requiring pixel-perfect accuracy, if you have problems, try something completely different.

Unlike the previous game, you have to manually drop the resources and have them get manually picked up before time runs out, meaning putting the right things into the right cart is important to winning the game.