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Zombie Taxi 2 Controls

Customize your zombie taxi, pick up survivors, and drop them off in safe zones in this awesome racing game. Use the arrow keys to drive around the zombie-infested city, and hit the brakes with the spacebar.

  • Rating: 4.62/5

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Zombie Taxi 2 Walkthrough

Zombie Taxi 2 improves upon the first game in every way, but the premise remains the same. You're a taxi driver in the zombie-infested city. There are stranded survivors through out the city, and it's up to you to rescue them - no matter what the cost. Along the way, you'll be able to run over zombies for extra points - but they're not worth as much as survivors - plus, you've got a time limit to keep in mind.

While the first Zombie Taxi game only had one gameplay mode, the sequel has much more replayability. After dropping off survivors, you'll get cash. You can spend this cash on upgrades and new vehicles - and some of the new vehicles you'll be able to drive are awesome, to say the least.

Next, there are two gameplay modes to choose from in this racing game. The first is a 'Dry' mode, and it's nothing special. However, once you rescue ten survivors, you'll unlock 'Wet' mode, and that's what you should want to be playing in the first place. After you unlock 'Wet' mode, you'll be able to focus on unlocking new vehicles.

As a racing game, Zombie Taxi 2 doesn't disappoint in the least, either. The controls are tight and responsive, and the graphics in Zombie Taxi 2 are clear - you'll be able to differentiate between survivors and zombies easily, and that's all it really boils down to. Although the game only gives you ninety seconds to save as many survivors as you can, you can always disregard the premise of the game - and just try and run over as many zombies as you can find; it's a great stress reliever.