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World Drifting Championship Controls

World Drifting Championship is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer, the up arrow key is used to accelerate, and the down arrow key is used to brake and to reverse. The spacebar is used to restart the course.

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World Drifting Championship Walkthrough

World Drifting Championship is a drifting game presented from a top-down perspective. This driving game features detailed graphics, eleven different cars to choose from, three different types of tires and challenging gameplay.

The objective of World Drifting Championship is to rack up as many points as you can by drifting around the race track. The faster that you go, the more points you will get for drifting. You only have thirty seconds to complete the course, however, so be quick about it.

World Drifting Championship is a bit difficult to control, and you do not want to stray too far from the track. If you drive off of the screen or too far off of the track, you will lose all of your points and have to start all over again! To make the game easier to control, slow down a bit when making turns. You might not score as many points this way, but you will be able to retain your score and finish the track in time.

World Drifting Championship features eleven different cars to choose from. Unlike most other driving games, upgrading your vehicle is absolutely free! You do not have to unlock or purchase anything. Each vehicle has its own handling and horsepower. For beginners, I advise choosing the white van known as the Minimal. This vehicle might not be the fastest or most glamorous, but it is the easiest to control in this driving game. To change your vehicle, simply click the button labeled "upgrade your car" at any time.

In order for your lap to be registered in this drifting game, you must pass through each of the track's five checkpoints before crossing the finish line. The checkpoints are indicated by red lights on the sides of the track. These lights turn green when you pass by. If you do not pass through all of the checkpoints before crossing the finish line, you will have to pass through them, then come back to the finish line before your thirty seconds runs out!

World Drifting Championship is a straightforward but challenging driving game. This drifting game only features one track, and all of the upgrades are available from the beginning, so this drifting game may also appeal to fans of casual games. Give World Drifting Championship a spin today.