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VXR Controls

VXR is controlled by using the keyboard. Player 1 uses the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up arrow key to accelerate, and the down arrow key to brake. Player 2 uses the Z key to steer left, the X key to steer right, the F key to accelerate, and the C key to brake. The Escape key may be used at any time to terminate a race.

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VXR Walkthrough

VXR is a top-down, two-player car racing game based on VXRacing, the high-performance models of Vauxhall Motors. The game features a variety of challenging tracks, two-player mode, and three cars to race with.

The main menu of this car racing game is very simple to navigate. From here, you can select the graphical detail of the game, the vehicle that you would like to race with, and the player options, which sets the mode of the game. A nice addition to the game is demo mode, which allows you to watch two AI-controlled cars race against each other. The game also features a two-player mode, which gives you the opportunity to race against another human player using the same computer. Player 1 controls the red car, and Player 2 controls the silver car.

VXR features three cars to choose from, all based on real models produced by Vauxhall Motors. These cars are the VXR220, which has superior handling, the Astra VXR, which is a jack of all trades, and Monaro VXR, which has the highest top speed, but worst handling. For beginners, I would advise using the Astra VXR since it is well-balanced in terms of speed and handling. The car that is chosen is used by both players.

Once you have chosen your car, you are ready to race! Each race consists of five laps. The first player to complete five laps wins the race. You should avoid running over oil slicks or water puddles that will make controlling your car difficult. Mud puddles on the track will slow you down, so they should also be avoided. Occasionally, silver stars will spawn on the track; these can be collected for bonus points.

VXR can be fun while playing against human players, but it can be absolutely frustrating to play against the computer at times, because the computer seems to have an unfair advantage in navigating the track. This advantage can be offset by driving as close to the inner edge of the track as possible, reducing the distance of each lap. If you allow the computer to gain a major advantage early in the race, it becomes nearly impossible to beat him.

If you are a fan of car racing games, you will enjoy VXR!