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USS Racing Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

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USS Racing Walkthrough

USS Racing is an entertaining and addictive racing game that will put your racing skills to the test as you try to complete races as quickly as possible to unlock new tracks and new cars. You begin the game with your basic car, the Bug, and one track to race on, the junk yard track. Use the Bug to race to a first place finish on the junk yard track and you'll unlock the next track. Keep playing and coming in first on each new track you race on until you've unlocked all four tracks and all five cars available in the game. All of the tracks are different and all of the cars offer their own strengths and weaknesses. Once you have all the tracks unlocked, you can go back and continue racing on your favorite track to try to earn a high score for that track. Newcomers might have a bit of trouble unlocking all four tracks but more experienced players are likely going to find it quite a bit easier. This is a game that rewards racing skills so if you're new to racing games, you're going to have a long road ahead of you but it's a road well worth taking. Difficult as it may be, this is a game that no racing game fan should miss.

One of the greatest things about USS Racing is the simplicity of the game. Your goal is simple, the graphics are simple yet not boring and the game screen is laid out in a way that's easy to read and understand. You choose your track first - pretty easy to do if you only have one track unlocked. If you've already raced on the track you'll see the basic stats about your races on that track, but what you should really focus on here is the image of the track. Look at the turns. Pay attention to the type of surface you'll be racing on. There are four different types of tracks and different cars offer different advantages and disadvantages certain types of tracks. Keep this information in mind when you're selecting your car. The Bug is a great car on the junk yard track and should be all you need to get a first place finish in the race on that track. Later tracks will require different cars though. Make sure you choose carefully or you'll make it much harder for yourself to finish in first place on those tracks.

For those racing game fans that like to customize their cars, USS Racing will be a delight. While you can't customize body work as much as you can in some of the other racing games online, there are several different colors to choose from - enough to allow you to get the color and shade you want. Allowing you to change the color of your car gives the game a more unique, personalized feel that many players find makes the game more appealing. You can change the color of any car you unlock which keeps the game feeling fresh and new. If you're finding it hard to get through the first track and find yourself in the same race over and over again, something as simple as changing the color of the car can keep the game from feeling stale or boring.

There's more information on the game screen in USS Racing that you'd get with most of the other racing games online. This can actually be quite beneficial as long as you know what it all means. At the top left corner of the screen, you'll see what lap you're on in the race. Each time you pass the checkered line, you'll begin a new lap and the lap number will go up by one. When you begin your last lap, the words 'last lap' will appear over the track. Look up at the left corner of the screen again. Directly below your lap number is the POS number. That tells you what position you're in in the race. If you're in first place and you're on your last lap keep an eye out for the other cars in the race. If you can't see them, you have a fairly good lead and won't have to be as careful. If the other cars are close, drive quickly but carefully. Pay attention to corners and avoid running into the sides of the track. There is little worse than being in first place going into the final lap only to make a small mistake and lose your lead. If you're in fourth place and don't see any of the other cars, you're going to have to try hard to catch up.

In USS Racing the other cars will keep racing until you complete all of your laps so it's possible that, if you're far enough behind, that other cars may lap you. This information is shown at the top right of the game screen. You'll see the number of the car first (CPU-1, for example) and that car's position in the race second. The third number is the number of laps that car has completed. Compare that with the number of laps you've completed. If they've completed more laps than you, you can pretty much say goodbye to any hope of coming in first. There's little need to worry though. The more times you race on any given track the better you will do as long as you pay attention to what you're doing.

The best way to perform well in USS Racing is to pay attention to your mistakes. The mistakes you make are valuable teaching tools. In this racing game, nothing beats experience. The more you play the more you will improve. You need to have decent racing skills to come in first in the races in this game. Control is vital. You need to be able to take turns quickly without losing control. only turn as much as you need to turn to get around the corner. If you turn too much you're going to hit the side of the track. The most important thing to remember in this game is that you have to do everything you can to keep your car on the track at all times. If you end up grinding against the wall, you're car won't be destroyed but your time is definitely going to be hurt making it much harder for you to get that first place finish you want.

Overall, USS Racing is an excellent racing game that offers a decent challenge to any racing game fan that decides to take it on. Newcomers are going to have a hard time with this one from the very first track. It's going to be hard for someone with no experience to get the first place finish they need to progress, but it isn't impossible. Focus on keeping your car under control and watch your car carefully. Try to figure out why you lost control when you did and focus on trying to remedy that problem. If you learn from your mistakes you should be able to do well in this game. More experienced are probably going to find some of the tracks a bit on the easy side but not so easy they won't enjoy racing on them. The ability to unlock new cars makes the game a lot more interesting and will allow even the most experienced players to enjoy this game. If you're a racing game fan, this is a game you need to play at least once.