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Underdog Racer Controls

Underdog Racer is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys drive your car forward and backward respectively. The left and right arrow keys steer your car in the corresponding direction.

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Underdog Racer Walkthrough

Underdog Racer is a Shockwave racing game with simple gameplay and excellent 3D graphics! This car game also features an easy-to-learn keyboard control scheme, pulse-pounding backgrounds music, and a single track to race on.

There are two gameplay modes in Underdog Racer: Race and Practice. Both of these modes are the same, but Practice Mode does not save your score. Since the high score servers are down and the game locks up when trying to save your score, I advise you to play in Practice Mode. Your objective in this racing game is to complete three laps as quickly as possible. If you are up for an additional challenge, try to complete three laps before the computer-controlled red car does!

The arrow keys are used to control Underdog Racer. The up arrow key is used to accelerate forward and the down arrow key is used to reverse. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer your car. There are no powerups or nitro boosts in this racing game, so you will have to rely on your driving skills!

The first time that you play Underdog Racer, you should focus on navigating the track. Once you have learned to drive around the track without slamming into walls, you will easily be able to complete the three laps in good time and beat the red car. As is the case in most driving games, it is best to slow down on the curves to avoid crashing into the sidewalls, then speed down the straightaways to make good time. Do not worry if the red car passes you; your car has a higher top speed so you will eventually surpass your opponent if you drive well.

Underdog Racer may not have a huge collection of tracks to race on, but it is still a fun way to kill time. See if you can beat my best lap time of twenty-nine seconds!