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UFO Racing Controls

UFO Racing is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate and to brake respectively. The left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle. The shift key activates the turbo boost. If a second player is playing, then the W and S keys are used to accelerate and to brake, the A and D keys are used to steer, and the spacebar is used to activate the turbo boost. The escape key is used to pause the game.

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UFO Racing Walkthrough

UFO Racing is a racing game somewhat reminiscent of the classic Super Nintendo game, F-Zero. UFO Racing features five selectable characters, three challenging tracks, and a two-player mode that allows you to challenge a friend using the same computer!

The objective of UFO Racing is to finish each of the six tracks in first place. Completing a track in first place unlocks the next track. Although six tracks are displayed, only the first three can be played in this version of the racing game. Your progress is automatically saved, so once you have unlocked a track, you will not have to unlock it again.

UFO Racing features three gameplay modes. The first gameplay mode is single-player, the primary mode of the game. To access the single-player mode, click the button labeled "Play Game" on the main menu. The second mode of this racing game is training mode. Training mode allows players to learn the controls and practice the tracks in any order of their choosing. The final mode featured in this racing game is two-player mode, which pits two human players against each other as well as AI-controlled racers. You cannot choose the track that you wish to race on in two-player mode. It should also be noted that many keyboard may not accept more than three keystrokes at a time, potentially making this mode difficult to control.

Like F-Zero, UFO Racing is an extremely challenging racing game. The AI has a major advantage, and seems to have an unlimited amount of booster fuel, so it is almost impossible to surpass them once they have gained a lead. You, on the other hand, have a limited amount of booster fuel that does not refill during the course of a race, so use it sparingly. As is the case in most racing games, try to make your turns on the inside of the track and slow down a bit when taking turns. The character that you choose will also have a major effect on gameplay. Since all of the characters in this racing game have equal health, it is best to choose characters based on speed and skill. Blondyka has the best skill and speed characteristics, so advise choosing her.

UFO Racing is an entertaining racing game, but it is not for the faint of heart. If you are a hardcore racing game fan looking for a challenge, however, then you will certainly find it in UFO Racing!