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TurboTrucks Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

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TurboTrucks Walkthrough

TurboTrucks is an entertaining and engrossing truck racing game that puts your racing skills to the test in six different places on six different tracks. The premise of the game isn't terribly uncommon in the world of truck racing games. You begin at the starting line and navigate around all the twists and turns on the track in an attempt to place in the top three. Finish in one of the top three positions and you'll be rewarded with a cash prize that can be used for valuable upgrades for your truck. While the format of the game is fairly typical, this game is anything but. The addition of entry fees makes the game a lot more difficult but is also the factor of the game that makes it so addictive and so unique. Each different race has a different entry fee you will need to pay. In order to race on all of the tracks, you'll need to earn enough money to pay the entry fees. That isn't easy, especially for the later tracks, but with time and effort, it can be done.

When you begin your game in TurboTrucks, you will only have $20. While there are upgrades you can purchase with that small amount of money, it's better to play through a race or two first to see what areas you need up upgrade. While your score for a race is determined based on your mileage you will also get a bonus depending on your rank at the end of the race and how much time there was remaining on the clock when you completed the race. You will need to place in a race to earn money though, and you will need that money to pay the entry fee for your next race or to purchase the upgrades you need to improve your performance. Austria is the only track you'll be able to race on when you begin as there is no entry fee, but it's also a great track to use to build up a bit of money. The track isn't all that complicated and the prize money for placing ($250 for first, $225 for second and $200 for third) is enough to get your started on your next track or to purchase upgrades to your truck. From there, you can move on to Canada. The entry fee for the race in Canada is $200, but the prize money makes it worth it. You'll win $400 for coming in first, $350 for coming in second and $300 for coming in third. Place in any of the top three positions and you'll earn the $300 you need for the entry fee to race in Cuba; a four length race. In Cuba, the prize for first and second is the same, $600 with a third place finish giving you $550. Finish in one of the top three spots in Cuba to move on to Kashmir which is another four length race and has an entry fee of $500. Place in Kashmir and me handsomely rewarded with $900 for first, $800 for second and $700 for third. If you want to move on to the five length race in Moldovia you'll need $800 for your entry fee but you'll earn $1,500 for a first place finish, $1,200 for second place and $1,000 for third. The final race, the six length race in Nambia, has an entry fee of $1,200 but offers the best reward with a $5,000 prize for first, $3,000 for second and $2,000 for third. Place in Nambia and you'll be able to go back and play any of the races you want to play again.

Placing in one of the top three places in each race in TurboTrucks is important but it will take a little practice, especially for someone who isn't used to truck racing games. You're going to need to have a little bit of skill to beat the other competitors - other competitors that can get in your way and try to force you off the track to slow you down. Evasive driving is a must if you want to avoid getting slowed down by the other trucks on the road and sometimes, even that isn't enough. In a tough race, look for chances to get in your opponent's way. If you are able to force them off the road before they can force you off the road, then you're also able to gain at least one place in the race. That's a great place to start. Get beside a truck that's ahead of you and force them to the side. If you're careful about it, you'll be able to get ahead of them and, if you do it well enough, get a fair bit of distance between your truck and theirs, making it much harder for them to even catch up to you, let alone pass you.

Taking out the other trucks in TurboTrucks isn't enough, though. Like most other racing games online, you need to have decent racing skills if you want to place. This is going to be a much harder task for newcomers to the genre to accomplish but more experienced players shouldn't have nearly as much trouble. The key to doing well in the races in this game, regardless of the track, is to pay attention to the twists and turns in the road. Getting off the track will slow you down significantly and give the other trucks a chance to pass you. If the other trucks get far enough ahead, it can be extremely hard - although not impossible - to catch up. Remember, although the races in Moldovia and Nambia have steep entry fees, if you spend your money wisely early in the game, you may not necessarily have to finish in first place in all of the races. If you want to tackle a race with a big entry fee but are having trouble placing in the races in Cuba or Kashmir, consider replaying Austria. Since there is no entry fee and the race isn't all that difficult to master, it's a great race to build up your cash with even though the prize money isn't all that great. Place in one of the top three spots in the race a few times and you'll have the money you need to race on the more expensive tracks.

The upgrades in TurboTrucks will go a long way to helping you win races because they significantly improve the performance of your truck, but upgrades alone will not be enough. If you take a little time to hone your racing skills on the Austria track and use a bit of your prize money for upgrades, you should be able to get through all of the races and likely place in all of them as well. You can upgrade your tires, your engine, your gears and nitro all of which will help you do better in races and help you place. You likely won't need upgrades to get through the Austria or Canada races but for the more difficult, later races, upgrades will be vital. Always make sure, though, you leave yourself with enough money for the entry fee for your next race. While upgrades are important, having enough money for the next race is important as well.

Overall, TurboTrucks is the type of game that you're going to find yourself playing again and again. Although the actual format of the game is similar to many of the other racing games online, the entry fees for races makes the game a little more difficult and a lot more intriguing. There is definitely a technique to placing in the races though. You need to take turns carefully. If you hit a sharp turn with too much speed you're going to lose control and regaining control isn't always easy. This can put you behind the other trucks in the race and it can be hard to catch up. The great thing about this game, though, is that if you have any racing game skills at all, you can come from behind to place even if you're in last place but you might have to play a little dirty. Force other trucks behind you and keep an eye on the mini map (at the center of the top of your game screen) to see how far ahead of you or how far behind you the other trucks are and plan your strategy accordingly. Take advantage of the free entry Austria race to build your money and purchase upgrades and you should do fine. If you're a fan of truck racing games or just racing games in general, this is a game you need to play.