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Turbo Kids Controls

Turbo Kids is controlled by using the keyboard. The X key is used to jump and the C key is used to shoot.

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Turbo Kids Walkthrough

Turbo Kids combines the racing with mechanics borrowed from platform games. This racing game features simple controls, colorful sprite graphics, and two modes of gameplay.

The two modes of gameplay available in Turbo Kids are Championship and "The Big Marathon" (which will be referred to as Marathon Mode in this article). Championship Mode spans nine tracks. The goal of this mode is to finish each race in the designated place or better to unlock the next stage. Championship Mode is where achievements are unlocked and upgrades are bought in this racing game.

Martathon Mode provides a more casual gameplay experience. The objective in this mode is to surpass all fifty of the other runners as quickly as possible. There is no finish line to cross in, making the course infinite. All of the upgrades that you have purchased in Championship Mode will also be available to you in Marathon Mode. Your progress, upgrades, achievements, and records are saved in both modes of this racing game, so you can continue from where you left off when you come back.

Unlike most racing games where you must press or hold down a key to initiate forward movement, basic movement is taken care of automatically in Turbo Kids. Instead, you only have control over jumping (by pressing the X key) and shooting (by pressing the C key). You will have to carefully jump over gaps to avoid falling and losing your position. Jumping is also helpful for evading snowballs and running over powerups on the stage that can give you an advantage in the race. Snowballs temporarily slow enemies, allowing you to pass them. It should be noted that AI-controlled racers also have snowballs and are adept at using them against each other and you!

Turbo Kids is a straightforward racing game that fans of platform games may also enjoy. Die-hard racing game fanatics may find Turbo Kids to be too easy, but casual gamers will have a ball!