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Truck Mania Controls

Truck Mania is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes and reverses, the left arrow key leans your truck to the left, and the right arrow key leans your truck to the right.

  • Rating: 3.93/5

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Truck Mania Walkthrough

Truck Mania is a physics game that features photo-realistic graphics, thrilling sound effects, and four unique trucks to choose from. This driving game contains twenty levels, ten easy and ten difficult.

The objective of Truck Mania is to haul your load from the start of each level to the finish line. Along the way, you will have to avoid obstacles and deal with challenging terrain, all while trying to keep your truck and your cargo intact! If you lose your cargo, or your truck explodes, you will have to complete the level from the beginning.

There is no time limit in Truck Mania, so taking a slow approach may be helpful in some levels to avoid running into traps and to prevent your cargo from bouncing out of your truck's bed. Speeding through a level will earn you a greater bonus, but at the cost of a greater risk of losing your cargo. It is probably best to try to beat the level first, then come back later to achieve a better score since the game saves your progress and allows you to retry levels that you have already beaten.

Truck Mania features four trucks to choose from, each with their own handling characteristics and vitality. It is not necessary to select the best truck in order to beat the game, but choosing the best truck that you have available makes the game much easier. A new truck is unlocked for every five levels that you beat. Remember, that you are allowed to reattempt any previous level that you have already beaten with your new unlocked trucks; you might be able to improve your score by doing this!

Truck Mania is the perfect driving game for players that enjoy controlling a powerful big rig. Truck Mania provides challenging entertainment for the long haul!