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Truck Launch Maniac Controls

A and D move the truck along the ramp, let it fly!

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Truck Launch Maniac Walkthrough

A launching game in white you have to send a truck flying as far as possible in such a way it would make Newton's zombie walk the earth. Truck Launch Maniac isn't too different from many games that involve firing something as far as you can and praying that you make it to the goal if there is one.

This is one of the ones without a goal other than "get the best score". In Truck Launch Maniac, you are every car insurance dealer's nightmare by launching a truck thousands of miles in order to improve its distance again and again. When you start, you're not going any further than a few hundred, but by the end, you'll be actively trying to get less than 100 because you missed the achievement for <100 mark.

Along the playing area are bombs and signs. Signs when hit will launch your truck straight into the air and give you a small speed boost for a chance to collect coins and avoid signposts. The signposts show your distance traveled, but also have a very nasty habit of slowing you down because some idiot put them all in a perfectly straight line in front of your ramp.

Between stages in your goal for the 20,000 point mark, you can upgrade aspects of the truck, including increasing the launch speed, reducing the weight of the truck, strapping a few rockets to it, or adding a crowbar to knock away those pesky signs up to three times. You can also improve the ramp itself for a better head start on your drive.

There is no real goal in Truck Launch Maniac other than to get all the achievements, many of which are simple to get other than the 20,000 point mark, but a few coin pickups and a bit of luck goes a very long way.