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Tiny F1 racers Controls

Accelerate with the up arrow key. Brake and reverse with the down arrow key. Steer the car with the left and right arrow keys.

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Tiny F1 racers is a fantastic racing game that will challenge you to beat ten tracks of racing mayhem as fast as you can. You'll be racing against two opponents who want to win just as badly as you. If you want to come in first - and who doesn't want to come in first - you will need to show off your racing skills and do your best to keep your car under control. Come in first and be handsomely rewarded. Come in second and you'll at least advance to the next race. Come in third and not only will you have to restart the track but you'll also get a time penalty. If you want to get a good final score at the end of ten tracks - or even just finish the ten tracks - you will have to be fast. It isn't an easy game. It will put your racing skills to the test while also testing your patience. It will also keep you entertained from start to finish.

Tiny F1 racers can be a bit on the frustrating side, especially for those who aren't familiar with racing games. Newcomers are going to have a hard time getting the hang of keeping their car under control even though the controls are the same as the navigation controls in most other game genres. It isn't that the controls are hard to understand. It's more than the controls are hard to use. Your car moves quickly and taking turns at a high speed often means veering out of control. This is true of most racing games so more experienced players likely won't find it quite as difficult to master. The key to taking turns smoothly in this game is to ease off the speed slightly when you're taking a corner. You don't need to constantly be accelerating in order to get a ahead in the race. In fact, easing off the speed when you need to will get you a lot further. While maintaining a high rate of speed is important if you want to finish in first place, crashing will definitely slow you down and is the most likely outcome of taking a sharp turn too fast.

Experienced racing game players are going to love Tiny F1 racers because instead of just rewarding you with a medal or allowing you to advance to the next race for coming in first in a race, you're actually given something more useful. Every time you place first in a race, you're given an upgrade. If you come in second, you're able to advance to the next race but you don't get any upgrades. If you come in third, you don't advance to the next race and must restart the race you've just completed. The time for each failed race will be added to your total race time which will hurt your end score. Upgrades are extremely beneficial and worth trying for as they can boost your speed, your steering and how fast you accelerate. All of these things will help you significantly in your races. You're able to choose which upgrade you'd like to get but you only get one so choose carefully. Focus on upgrading any areas you have trouble with. For example, if you're having a hard time with steering, focus on steering. Work on your next weakest area next. As long as you choose wisely, upgrades can take you through to the end of the game.

Overall, Tiny F1 racers is an exceptional racing game that will put your racing skills to the ultimate test. If you want to make it through all ten tracks in this excellent game, you will need to be fast but also have good control of your car. In many cases, especially in later levels, you're biggest obstacle will be your opponent cars. They'll bump you off course and slow you down. If you have the skills, you can return the favor by bumping into them, but you have to be careful not to hurt your own time in the process. Getting your opponent out of the way is good, but only if it doesn't set you too far back in the process. In order to get a good score and get through all ten levels, less experienced players will need the upgrades you get with a first place finish. Watch your speed around turns and watch out for your opponents and you should do fine.