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The Transaid Challenge Controls

The Transaid Challenge is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes and reverses, and the left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle.

  • Rating: 4.24/5

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The Transaid Challenge Walkthrough

The Transaid Challenge is a unique driving game that puts you behind the wheel of a 4x4 as an African health service worker. The game features numerous missions to complete, excellent graphics, and realistic sound effects.

The goal of The Transaid Challenge is to complete various missions by driving your vehicle from place to place. These missions range from delivering medicine, picking up sick patients, and informing the populace that medical aid is available. Your objective is to drive and stop inside of the blue circle that represents your mission checkpoint. The direction that you need to drive in to get to your goal is indicated by a blue arrow adjacent to your vehicle. Once you have completed one mission, you are given a new mission to complete. The game ends when your vehicle has taken too much damage, or you run out of fuel.

The Transaid Challenge features straightforward gameplay, but it is not without its hazards. If you crash too many times, you will damage your vehicle and the game will be over. In order to avoid taking damage, it is best to drive on the roads whenever you can. Using the roads in this driving game also takes less fuel, and you are able to drive faster than you would be able to by traveling off-road; just be sure to avoid the potholes just as you must avoid colliding into rocks! In order to stay in the game, you must also be sure to collect fuel canisters. A fuel canister will spawn next to your vehicle every second mission that you complete.

The Transaid Challenge is a riveting driving game that is fun and educational for players of all ages. This driving game gives you a small taste of what aid workers in Africa must do to help the populations in starving countries, and it's also a fun driving game experience!