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The Soul Driver Controls

The Soul Driver is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move your vehicle. The F key accelerates your car and the D key brakes. The spacebar is used to activate your boost. The S key is used to activate your windshield wipers. The H key is used to beep your horn. The P key is used to pause the game.

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The Soul Driver Walkthrough

The Soul Driver is a dynamo of a driving game. This car game also features elements of distance games and action games along with artistic cartoon graphics, numerous upgrades, and a variety of achievements!

The Soul Driver puts you in the role of a mobster trying to escape south of the border to Mexico. Along the way, you will have to dodge obstacles, evade the police, and survive until you make it to the next garage. Each level of this driving game adds new obstacles, opponents, and collectibles.

As you progress in this driving game, things will get more and more chaotic, but luckily for you, you can use the money that you earn to upgrade and to repair your vehicle in each garage. I advise you to buy the acceleration and speed upgrades first, since they will help you to evade the police. When you get the chance, you should also buy the tire and bumper upgrades which will reduce damage taken from obstacles.

The Soul Driver starts out easy, but the difficulty ramps up as you progress. This driving game is not impossible to beat, however. Pay attention to the new types of obstacles that are introduced. If a new obstacle is introduced on the next stretch of road, you will be prompted with information about it before buying upgrades in the garage.

Try to make the police crash any chance that you get in this driving game. Not only will you get the cops off of your back, but you will also be rewarded with a small sum of money. Bumping the police cars into obstacles is a good way to damage them, but at the expense of taking a slight amount of damage. You must also be careful not to bump into the obstacles yourself!

The road of The Soul Driver will be filled with obstacles in later portions of the game. These obstacles can really damage your car, but if you use your boost, you will only take half of the normal damage when colliding with obstacles. Your boosts are also very helpful in evading police in this driving game. Your boosts are indicated by a small vertical bar to the right of your speedometer. A fully-charged bar provides three boosts.

A final tip that may help you to master this driving game is to avoid hitting civilians. Running over civilians with your car may sound fun, but it will cause more police cars to be summoned to try to stop you. Also, if you are able to slow down and pick up civilians as hitchhikers, you will be rewarded with bonus coins if you can get them to the next garage alive!

The Soul Driver is a delightful driving game that is sure to provide a ton of entertainment. If you are a fan of car games that feature plenty of frantic and chaotic action, then you'll love playing The Soul Driver!