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The Heist Controls

Select missions, upgrades or specialists by clicking with the left mouse button. Accelerate using the up arrow key. Steer left using the left arrow key. Steer right using the right arrow key. Use your weapons by hitting 'space'. Pause using 'p'.

  • Rating: 3.27/5

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The Heist is, quite simply put, one of the best racing games the internet has to offer. In terms of free racing games, this one can't be beat. The graphics are pretty good for a game in this genre, but this game really shines because of all of the little extras it offers. With difficult missions to tackle, several extremely beneficial upgrades to purchase and the ability to hire specialists to help you complete missions, this game takes the basic premise most online racing games are built on and runs with it. The result is an engrossing, addictive and entirely entertaining game that will have you hooked from the start of your very first mission.

While many of the other racing games online offer you upgrades to help improve your performance, The Heist really takes the idea of upgrades to a whole new level. You earn credits for successful missions as you would in most of the other games in the genre but you also earn respect. You'll use the credits you earn to purchase engine upgrades which will make your car move faster but you'll use the respect you earn to hire specialists. Each specialist costs a different amount of respect and will offer a different benefit to your team. From security system specialists to hackers, this game offers a wealth of hired guns to help you complete your missions. Each specialist you hire will increase your gang power. Your gang power is important, offering a credit bonus at the beginning of each new mission.

The main game screen in The Heist is pretty easy to understand but is a little more complex than the main game screens in many of the other racing games online. To the left of the screen, you have a bald man in a suit. This man gives you your missions. To his right is a red headed woman who you'll go to for specialists. Finally, you have your mechanic on the far right of the screen. You'll visit with your mechanic to purchase upgrades. Before you can purchase specialists or buy upgrades though, you'll need credits and respect. Your credits are shown at the top left of the game screen. At the top right of the screen you have your respect (the handshake icon) and your gang power. You start with zeros across the board so you'll need to begin by tackling a mission.

The Heist starts you off easy with a simple, straightforward and rather easy to beat race. Avoid the cops to win. Earn extra points for jumps or for destroying cop cars. Once you've completed a mission or two, you can start looking at upgrades. There are three upgrade categories; performance, armor and weapons. Performance upgrades increase the power of your engine so you're able to drive more quickly during races. Armour upgrades increases your armor and help prevent damage to your car. Weapons updates give you new weapons that you can use to destroy police cars. All of these upgrades are important if you want to beat the game. You lose credits when you car gets damaged so the armor upgrades will definitely help you get credits more quickly. Weapons upgrades are great and will definitely help you rack up points, but try to get your armor and engine upgrades first. You'll perform much better in the game and earn credits toward those weapons upgrades much more quickly.

As far as the actual racing goes in The Heist, things aren't really that much more difficult than they are in a traditional racing game. Your goal is to avoid capture which, in itself, isn't that difficult. The other cars on the road are really what makes your goal so hard to achieve in this one. While things start off pretty simply, as you progress, the missions get harder and harder to reach. Make sure you read the mission statement carefully to make sure there aren't any additional goals to complete and make sure you pay close attention to any instructions that appear on the screen throughout the mission. This is especially important on that first mission as there will be valuable tips you'll miss if you're just focusing on the road.

If you want to do well in The Heist, you need to get those upgrades and you need to hire specialists. The credit bonuses you get for gang power at the beginning of each mission will help you get the upgrades you need faster. Specialists are harder to get since you need those respect points, but they're well worth the effort. As you play, the respect will build as will the credits. When you're racing, do everything you can to avoid taking damage to your car. That can be pretty difficult to do, but it's the best way to maximize the credits you get at the completion of each mission.

Overall, The Heist is the kind of racing game anyone can enjoy playing. You don't need to be a highly skilled racing game player to do well. You just need to get those upgrades, hire those specialists and pay attention to what's happening around you during races. You can make it through this game regardless of how much still or experience you have in the racing game genre, but you need to stick with it. If you're looking for a great racing game that really goes the extra mile, this is a game you absolutely have to play.