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The Fast and the Phineas Controls

Choose car components using the mouse and the left mouse button. Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake/reverse using the down arrow key. Steer left using the left arrow key. Steer right using the right arrow key. Press 'ctrl' to use boost.

  • Rating: 2.33/5

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The Fast and the Phineas Walkthrough

The Fast and the Phineas is an adorable racing game based on the popular Disney Channel television show "Phineas and Ferb", but this game is appealing to more than just fans of the show. Because you are able to build and name your own car with the components offered to you, this racing game offers a level of customization unmatched in the genre and makes if feel far more personalized. In addition, choosing parts also allows you much greater control over how you car will perform during a race. It isn't just about building a car that looks cool but is also about building a car that will perform well. This makes the game a little more involved than most of the other racing games online and makes it more appealing to those who are looking to play something a little different without abandoning the genre they love.

The actual racing in The Fast and the Phineas is no more complex or hard to understand than the racing in most of the other racing games online. The race controls are easy to use and understand but are still a little difficult to master. This gives the game that level of challenge that makes racing games so much fun. If you want to win, you need to have a basic understanding of what it takes to keep your car under control in games like this. Experienced players of games in this genre are obviously going to be at an advantage here, but even those with no experience at all will be able to get the hang of how things work. It will just take a little more time and practice. Luckily, this game is so much fun getting in that practice isn't difficult at all.

In The Fast and the Phineas, you are given the option of playing a single player game or a two player game and are able to choose whether you want to play as Phineas or Ferb. Once you've chosen your basic race options, it's time to start choosing your car components starting with the wheels. Click on the arrows to scroll through your choices and click 'select' when you've come to the option you want. There are plenty of them so make sure you look at them all. From basic wheels with different types of rims to wheels you would find on a tank, there are lots of options to choose from to find the one you like the best. From there, you choose your chasis, your engine, your body kit and your decals by doing the same thing you did to choose your wheels.

Choosing the name of your car in The Fast and the Phineas is a little different than choosing the components to build your car. The name is made up of three words. To choose the name, you'll click on the up and down arrows beside each word. If you want to have a little fun with the name, you can hit 'random' and see what comes up. The name of your car has little to do with how it will perform in a race but it's an a fun little detail that helps set this racing game apart from the others in the genre a little more. Once you've settled on a name, click select and review the details of your car. You'll see everything you really need to know to properly control your car during the race so make sure you take the opportunity to check it out.

The best way to do well in The Fast and the Phineas is to pay attention to the track during a race. Despite all the fun extra features this game throws in, it is still a racing game at its core. It might be cuter and it might have more customization options than would be offered in a more traditional racing game but it is still a racing game above all else. Corners are going to pose problems for a lot of newcomers to the game. The best way to deal with corners is to back off the speed a little bit and avoid using your boost when you're approaching a corner. Your boost is great because it gives you a good shot of speed but save it for straighter stretches. As beneficial as that boost is, it's also makes it much harder to keep your car under control and control is key around those turns.

Overall, The Fast and the Phineas is the kind of racing game anyone can enjoy. Fans of the show are going to enjoy the premise of the game and enjoy getting to play as their favorite character while racing game fans are going to like the customization options and the fact that they can try out different components in different races to see which works best. Instead of just playing with one car, this game allows you to try out different components to see what offers the best in-race performance and then combine them to make one heck of a car. If you are a racing game fan, a Phineas and Ferb fan or just a fan of great online games, you need to check this one out.