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The Chase Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Move to the left using the left arrow key. Move to the right using the right arrow key.

  • Rating: 3.88/5

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The Chase Walkthrough

The Chase is a fast paced, addictive racing game in which your only goal is to make it to the next level as you build the highest score you can get. The game offers an premise that is as simple as your objective. Your in the midst of a high speed chase and the cops are on your trail. You need to race as fast as you can to get away from the cops avoiding crashing into the other cars on the road. Tapping those other cars though is not only okay, but encouraged. Tapping the cars in front of you without crashing is called shunting and it will earn you extra points. In fact, every car you shunt will multiply your overall score. For that reason, if you want a high score, you're going to get used to shunting, but that isn't going to be an easy task for most players. A direct hit to the car in front of you will almost always result in a crash. Getting to know the difference between crashing and shunting will likely take a few tries for most players but it's a difference you need to learn if you want that coveted high score.

The greatest thing about The Chase is that it's so simple and basic. It doesn't waste time with a lot of flashy graphics and complicated rules or upgrades. You have your car and you have your goal. That's pretty much it. The most complicated thing about the game is the shunting VS crashing factor that's going to pose problems for most players. The basic rule of thumb you should follow is that colliding directly with the back of the car in front of you will crash your car and end your game. Swerving into the side of a car will crash your car and end your game. Allowing a car to rear end you will crash your car and end your game. Bumping into the back of the car in front of you with the nose of your car as you turn into the lane either to the left or right of the car will be considered shunting. Tapping the car behind you with the back of your car as you turn into the lane either to the left or the right of the car will be considered shunting. Stick to those rules and you should be able to accumulate a pretty good score.

The Chase isn't really your typical racing game in that you aren't directly racing an opponent around a track. Instead, you're on a straight stretch of road racing against the police who are chasing behind you. If you're doing well, you won't be able to see the police car at all. Instead, you'll just see a little green flag at the bottom of the screen telling you how far the police are behind you. Put as much distance between yourself and the police as possible. The more distance you have between your car and the police the higher your score will be. At the end of the game, you'll see your total score, how many shunts you got and your rank. As you play, you'll get improve and you'll see your rank climb higher and higher. With enough time and patience it's entirely possible for just about any player to get their name on the high score leader board; at least for a while.

Overall, The Chase is an intense racing game that is most appealing because it's so different from all of the other racing games online. Once you figure out how to shunt you'll see your score jump dramatically. That doesn't mean you won't crash. As you progress in the game things get more and more difficult, but if you shunt enough in the beginning of the game, you shouldn't have to make it overly far to get a great score. While this isn't a typical racing games, fans of the genre will love this game. Experienced racing game players are likely going to have the quick reflexes needed to do well in this one and will love the fact that they'll get to do something a little out of the ordinary while still behind the wheel of a car. Newcomers might struggle with the lane changes, but should be able to improve with practice. This is a game any fan of racing games needs to take for a test drive.