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Supersonic Speeders Controls

The controls of Supersonic Speeders is fairly easy to understand and pick up. Not at all different from the control scheme of most racing games out there, you need to use your keyboard's directional keys - up to accelerate and move forward, left and right directional keys to steer accordingly, press the down directional key to slow down, and that's it. Alternatively, you can use the W, A, D, and S keys for driving. To shift gears, press the space bar button. Be discerning though - shifting at full speed is good... if you can go without colliding against other stuff in the track. Collide and not only will you slow down significantly, your shield will also be damaged. Anyway, let's take a closer look at the game...

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Supersonic Speeders Walkthrough

So you are on the hunt for 3D racing games that have nice replay value? Yeah? If that's the case, then the futuristic Supersonic Speeders is yours for the taking. It may not be fancy, it may not be extensive (after all, it's free and flash based), BUT it's a hell lot of fun. That's something you cannot take away from it.

The goal here is pretty straightforward - break the sound speed and win the race against your AI opponents. Yes, you have read that right, break the sound barrier and speed. That means going at scorching speeds... something you cannot do in the streets (do that and you are toast). With infinite tracks to race on and set ablaze, Supersonic Speeders is one of those games that will surely keep you busy for quite a long time.

What I really like about Supersonic Speeders is that it's simple - there are no complicated game mechanics, yet it still has a lot of replay value thanks to the 4 totally different and infinite tracks (infinite if you are good enough not to bump into anything), many upgrades, 4 totally different racers, and 23 achievable awards. The latter - the 23

Awards especially, makes playing the game over and over again still worth it.

The 4 Tracks Available - (1) Old City Streets - Overall, this is a moderate track to race on. There are a lot of coins and speed boosts scattered all over the place. The obstacles and the difficulty of the track is fairly moderate. BUT still, for a newbie in Supersonic Speeders, this can pose some challenges, challenges that will gear you up in the next tracks. While the road seems predictable, you still need to be careful of the debris along the way.

(2) Grand Canyon - While still a moderately difficult track, this is more challenging than the old city streets. While there are a lot of coins and speed boosts to pick up, the path you will race on is ragged and curved. The good side though is that when it comes to earning coins (and gathering awards based on coins), this is a track you can rely on.

And the other tracks, I'll leave it to you to find out. You need to unlock them by successfully racing on the previous tracks. There's no skipping. Set the road on fire and beat the speed of sound, this is Supersonic Speeders!