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Super Snowmobile Rally Controls

Super Snowmobile Rally is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys move your snowmobile backward and forward respectively. Press the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to duck. The spacebar activates powerups and launches snowballs.

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Super Snowmobile Rally Walkthrough

Super Snowmobile Rally is a snowmobile game presented by Cartoon Network. This racing game features colorful graphics, straightforward gameplay, and three teams of Cartoon Network characters to play as!

The objective of Super Snowmobile Rally is to finish each course before your opponents. If you reach the finish lines before your opponents do, you will advance to the next level. Each course has various hazards to avoid, and the difficulty increases as you advance through this racing game. You begin the game with three lives; if your snowmobile takes too much damage or you fall into a hazard, you will lose one life. When all lives are lost or your opponent reaches the finish line first, you will lose the race. Don't fret; you will have a chance to retry the race and continue from where you left off.

Super Snowmobile Rally uses the keyboard as its input device. The right arrow key is used to drive forward and the left arrow key is used to drive backward. The up arrow key is used to jump and the down arrow key is used to duck. Jumping and ducking are important to avoid obstacles in this racing game. If you have collected a powerup, you can use it by pressing the spacebar. When you do not possess a powerup, pressing the spacebar throws snowballs at your opponent.

Super Snowmobile Rally is designed for kids, so it is not a terribly difficult game. It may still pay off to keep a few tactics in mind, however. When your opponents are close, hurl snowballs at them. Hitting your opponents with snowballs will slow them down, but beware that they can hit you too! If you collect powerups, do not hesitate to use them. Powerups include ice bombs that temporarily freeze your opponent, snowmen that can be placed as obstacles to hinder the competition, speed boosts to send you jetting forward, and more!

Super Snowmobile Rally is a superb Shockwave snowmobile game. Although this racing game was designed for kids, adults will enjoy playing as some of their favorite nostalgic characters too!