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Stunt Crazy Controls

W and S move the car, A and D tilt it.

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Ever want to smash through buildings in a flimsy car that's supposedly built for traveling through huge props and flying hundreds of feet in the air, only for fans to riot outside your house or at the theater? No? Well you can play this game instead of risking your life.

Stunt Crazy is a physics-based 2D driving game that is of very high difficulty compared to most flash games you'll find on the web. Your goal in Stunt Crazy is to grab the blue, red, and yellow reels and look good doing it in three attempts or less. Unfortunately your car is quite fragile and the wheels will rip off quite easily, so you have to be careful as well as being reckless enough to satisfy the contract.

Also on the stages are elements like teleporters and explosives which will move you across the map in violent ways, giving you a change to pull off several 360-degree flips for higher rankings and income. Stars will increase your reputation slowly but surely, and dollar signs will give you random amounts of small change that will add up. Tickets will multiply your scores for even more money in your pocket.

After three attempts at getting the reels and doing crazy stunts, you see the gross income for the movie you played the stuntman in, your cut of the income, and what caused the fans to riot, including them rioting outside your house because you were that awful, rioting outside the theater because the movie was dreadful, or rioting because you made everything else look awful.

Completing objectives, collecting stars, and getting reels will earn you fame, which in turn unlocks more stages and more themes for your jobs, including sci-fi, western, horror, and fantasy movies. Between stages, you can upgrade your car, allowing for more elaborate stunts, performance, and income in the usual fashion.

Stunt Crazy is quite difficult and requires a lot of practice and trial-and-error to get it right even slightly, but patience and working towards a high ranking at the box office will pay off splendidly.