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Stunt Bike Pro Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Lean back on your bike using the left arrow key. Lean forward on your bike using the right arrow key.

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Stunt Bike Pro Walkthrough

Stunt Bike Pro is one of the more difficult motorcycle racing games out there simply because in order to really do well in the game you will need to have a little skill with this sort of game going in. This is really no easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but it is far too much fun to pass up. Experienced motorcycle racing game fans are probably going to find this game is challenging from the beginning but won't really find their skills being tested until later levels in the game. Newcomers, on the other hand, are going to find this one extremely difficult from the very start. The reason for this is simple. To get through this game you need to master the art of balance. Knowing when to lean forward and when to lean back on your bike is vital in this game and many times, you'll need to do both at some point while going over a single obstacle. The great thing about it is, though, that even when it's at its most difficult, it doesn't feel impossible. Every single level in this game can be conquered with a little patience. Remember that and try to be patient and even beginners should be able to do okay.

The premise of Stunt Bike Pro is pretty simple and not terribly uncommon in the world of motorcycle racing games even if this game isn't really a racing game in the traditional sense of the word. You aren't facing off against any opponents on a twisting and turning race track. Instead, you're traveling from the starting line on the left side of the screen to the finish line on the right side of the screen. Your goal is to make it there without crashing. You'll have to ride over a wide variety of obstacles in the process which is where the challenge comes in. Obstacles come in the form of tire piles, steel drums, cars, trucks and vans; each at varying heights and lengths. Some obstacles are much harder to get over than others, but as you play, you'll start to get a bit more familiar with what you're facing. Familiarity is your friend in this game. The more you play, the more you'll get used to looking at an obstacle and figuring out the best way to get over it before you even approach it. That doesn't make the game a whole lot easier overall as there are always new obstacles to tackle, but it makes it a little less overwhelming.

When you first begin playing Stunt Bike Pro, you are given two different vehicles to choose from. You'll need to try out both of those vehicles to get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses. In most levels, one vehicle will perform better than the other for getting over the obstacles you're presented with. The motorcycle is light weight, fast and agile making it perfect for getting over gaps and building speed to clear some of the tougher obstacles. The real downside to the motorcycle is that is doesn't offer much in the way of stability. It's hard to really keep it under control when you're going over trucks, vans and sometimes even tire piles depending on how high they are. The ATV, on the other hand is a fairly heavy vehicle and it's quite as fast but offers a lot in terms of stability. The ATV will be able to easily handle some of the obstacles that are going to give you a lot of trouble on the motorcycle. The obstacles you face in the beginning of the track will give you a pretty good idea of what you're going to face throughout it, so choose your vehicle accordingly. If you crash repeatedly despite being careful and just can't seem to get over a particular obstacle, try out your other vehicle. You're probably going to find a huge difference and get through the level a bit easier. In addition, as with most other motorcycle racing games, you'll unlock new vehicles as you progress in the game. These new vehicles offers improved balance and stability or improved speed. The greatest vehicles offer overall boosts in every area. It'll take a little time to unlock your new vehicles, but they're definitely worth it.

If you want to make it through to the end of Stunt Bike Pro with a good score, you're going to have to move quickly but carefully through each level. The faster you finish, the better score you'll get. What sets this game apart from most of the other motorcycle racing games online is the fact that you aren't racing against other racers but you are instead racing against yourself. You're constantly challenged to make it further than you made it the time before and to get through the levels with a better time. The key to doing well, though, is to make sure you don't sacrifice speed for careful navigation. Getting to the end of a level quickly is important, but if you're not careful, getting to the end of the level at all is going to pose a problem. This balance is what makes getting a high score in this game so difficult but is also what makes it so addictive. Try your best to unlock the additional vehicles. You'll need them for later levels. Focus on balance. If you don't lean properly, it's almost guaranteed that you're going to crash. Lean too far forward and you'll probably flip forward. Lean too far back and you're going to flip backward. Hit an obstacle with too much speed, and you'll crash. Hit an obstacle with not enough speed and you'll suffer the same fate. This game is all about finding balance. It's hard, but the difficulty level is really what makes it so addictive.

The best thing about Stunt Bike Pro is that, unlike most other motorcycle racing games, this game is legitimately difficult. Figuring out the best way to tackle each obstacle you're presented with is vital if you want to make it through the game. This game isn't just about speed and mindlessly driving along a track. It will actually challenge you to think and to learn as you play. You'll get better as you progess in the game. Your skills will improve, but without a decent foundation to begin with, you're going to really be in for a hard road. The great thing is that, if you're fast enough, you can generally catch yourself before you crash. You'll need to start trying to balance yourself as soon as you notice you're about to crash though. For example, if you're starting to flip backwards lean forward on your bike. Once you're corrected the problem, stop leaning forward. If you lean forward too long, you'll only flip forward. Again, it's all about balance and being careful. As long as you keep that in mind you should do fine.

Overall, Stunt Bike Pro is a great motorcycle racing game for someone looking to play something a little out of the ordinary. Experienced motorcycle racing game players are going to love the challenge the game presents as well as the chance to break free from the typical format most games in this genre follow. The difficulty level might scare off many newcomers to the genre, but even beginners, with enough time, patience and practice can excel in this game. Remember to balance forward and backward as you go over obstacles and to watch your speed as you approach obstacles and you should be able to get through the game. This game can be frustrating but that's a big part of what makes it so much fun. You might find yourself frustrated to the point that you give up only to find yourself going back for more a few minutes later. That's the real appeal of the game. It's completely addictive and far too much fun to miss. If you're a fan of motorcycle games, this is definitely a game you need to try out.