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WASD handle the driving

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Street racing against multiple opponents, you have the destination and it's up to you to pick the route there. Street Drifting has you and five other racers heading for the same finish line on a narrow street. Think you can handle it?

You have a few cars to choose from in Street Drifting, and a few colors as well, but your choice of paths is more important. The steering of your car is extremely sensitive, and its speed is high as well making it very challenging to handle, so keep yourself from spinning out of control and costing yourself a race.

Because the AI takes the shortest route, it's much smarter for you to take the longer paths which will not involve a five-car pileup and get well ahead of your opponents in the small advantage this gives you the edge you need to win. Win the race and you progress to the next level, which is just as aggressive as the one before it.