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Spongebob Delivery Dilemma Controls

The controls in Spongebob Delivery Dilemma is just like those in your usual online and flash based racing games - use your directional keys for the win! ? Press up to move forward and accelerate. Hit the left arrow keys to steer left. Press the right arrow keys to turn right. And when you need to slow down, just press the down arrow key. There are several power ups and weapons in the game - you have the Star Burst, the Pickles, Fish Oil Slick, and last BUT not the least, the Time Bonus. To use these items and execute your special attack, just press the space bar button.

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Spongebob Delivery Dilemma Walkthrough

The goal here is quite different from other racing games. Instead of trying to finish the race with the highest ranking as possible (which is the case in most racing games), your goal here is to deliver the ingredients to Krusty Krab and do so on time. This should be piece of cake if only for one thing: Plankton's minions are out in the streets... waiting for the opportunity to run over you and make you miss the delivery.

For each day, there are 2 racing rounds - one in the day and one during night time. For each of these racing rounds, you are given 60 seconds to reach the finish line - Krusty Krab, where all of those ingredients are needed... and FAST. The first couple of levels are piece of cake even for kids. After all, Spongebob is created for kids. That shouldn't be too surprising.

HOWEVER, when you reach Days 4 to 5, that's when things get really heated up on the road and the difficulty ramps up. You will face a lot of Plankton's minions, and they will gang up on you. They will clog the streets, ram you up, block your way, do almost anything they can do to stop you from getting those ingredients to Krusty Krab on time. Well, you have 3 Pickles (which when tossed, will magically obliterate that car before you... turning it into bubbles and bursting it) at your disposal. HOWEVER, when you face an armada of Plankton road gangsters, 3 Pickles won't hold up.

The key in this game is to have steady fingers as well as lightning fast reflexes. To win, you should be fast enough to quickly change lanes at the last minute. You want to keep the Pickles in reserve especially when you are near the finish line...that's where the pressure really starts to step up and the Plankton minions surround you.

There's nothing much to say about Spongebob Delivery Dilemma in the strategy and tactics department. Be fast in driving, your reaction time should be good and fast enough - that's about it. This is one of niceties that this racing game showcases. It's not too complicated to understand BUT at the same time, the gameplay is fun and challenging for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Nice graphics, fun game play, and it has Spongebob on it - not a lot of racing games could say the same for themselves. Give Spongebob Delivery Dilemma a shot and see for yourself.