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Speed Racer Controls

If you have played racing games before, playing Speed Racer shouldn't be too difficult for you. It's the same with most racing games out there - use the keyboard's directional keys to drive and race. Press up to move forward and accelerate. Hit the left arrow keys to steer left. Press the right directional keys to turn right. To slow down and go reverse, press the down arrow key. To jump (YES, Speed Racer's car jumps!), press the space bar button. That's it for the controls. Onto the game...

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Speed Racer Walkthrough

It's 3D, the graphics are nice, comes with a good background story (although that's not really necessary), and it's based off of the movie of the same name which was directed by the same director who brought us Matrix. If that's the racing game you are looking for, then look no further - Speed Racer is RIGHT here!

Here's what: in Speed Racer, you are playing as... well, Speed Racer (Surprised?) - a natural when it comes to racing and the younger brother to Rex Racer - the legendary racer who died at a race... leaving the legacy to be continued by you. Are you up to the task? That is the question as the tracks in Speed Racer can prove very testing. That holds true even in the initial stages so you better be ready.

Now, there are 2 modes in the game (which comes after selecting your car) - (1) Practice Mode and (2) the actual Race Mode. If you are a beginner and you need to learn the ropes of a new track, if you think you need more practice before pitting yourself into high octane, curvy, and dangerous race tracks, pick the Practice Mode. There you can hone your skills, err as much as you like (just make sure you work on to eliminate them), and what have you. On the other hand, if you think you are all set to compete with the big boys, if you are feeling fearless, then jump onto the Race Mode.

What I really like about Speed Racer, aside from the nice graphics, is that you have a lot of options, especially in the cars department. You have 8 cars to choose from and each of these cars have their own strengths and weaknesses. While you can use Speed Racer's original car - the Mach 5 which is easy to handle and fast (who wouldn't want that?!), you sure want to check out the others. If you think you are an expert, you can choose the older and newer versions of the Mach - Mach 4 and 6. Both of them are outrageously fast, BUT both are also not too easy to handle.

If you are looking for a car that has good traction, holds the road well, then the Racer X Road Car is an obvious choice. While it's not the fastest one available, it's good for beginners. Or you may want to pick an upgraded and faster version of it - the Racer X Race Car. It's fast and it grips like its road car predecessor.

I will not go into detail - spelling out the strengths and weaknesses of all cars. Here's the bottom line - with 8 cars to choose from, you will surely find one that suits your style and your skill level. Heck! You can even pick one that jumps from one section of the track to another. Sly way of getting the upper hand. And that's not something you see in other racing games!

Well, enough talk. Talking won't get us to the finish line. Starting the engines and setting the road on fire will. Play Speed Racer NOW!