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Speed Busters Controls

Speed Busters is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer, the up arrow key is used to accelerate, and the down key is used to brake.

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Speed Busters Walkthrough

Speed Busters puts you in the role of Detective Dave, a tough-as-nails cop with a mission to bring law to the road, by any means necessary. Speed Busters is a high-paced action game presented from a top-down viewpoint.

The objective of Speed Busters is to bring criminals to justice. There is no time for a fair trial in this driving game, because the only way to bring the perpetrator to justice is through the use of brute force! You must ram your target's car, or smear them into the sidewall! Once you have crushed all of the criminals in one level, you proceed to the next, but you must be careful as to make sure that your car isn't the one that explodes! This driving game only features three levels, but they are real challenges and each level increases in difficulty.

Speed Busters features a simple-to-use interface. In order to succeed in this driving game, you must pay close attention to the interface. In the upper-right corner of the screen, you are presented with vital information which includes the distance to your next target, your current health, and the number of targets left. Your current score and speed are displayed at the bottom of the screen. When a target appears on your screen, it is labeled by a green arrow. As you do damage to your target, this arrow will change from green, to yellow, to red in order to indicate the current health of your target.

Speed Busters is a fast-paced driving game which can become very challenging. Paying attention to the game's interface and properly controlling your vehicle are keys to success. When you are within one kilometer of your target, it is time to slow down to prepare your attack. You may want to ease up on the acceleration key, or even brake so that you don't overtake the criminal. If you pass your target, you will have to brake in order for you to set up another attack run, since this driving game does not allow you to reverse.

A second tip to master Speed Busters is to try to slam your target's vehicle into the side of the road. Your target's vehicle will take more damage by being slammed into the side of the road than it would take by you directly ramming it, and you will take less damage as well. In order to do this, simply catch up to your target, position your vehicle to the side and slightly behind your enemy, and ram them towards the side railing of the highway.

A final tip is to slow down when driving in heavy traffic. Colliding with civilian vehicles will not only damage your police cruiser, but it will also lower your score. It is also best to avoid collateral damage when taking down the bad guys if you wish to maximize your score in this driving game.

Speed Busters is a relatively short driving game, but it is still big on entertainment value. If you want a quick car game that will test your reflexes, then Speed Busters is just the game that you're looking for!