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Snow Drift Racing Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

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Snow Drift Racing is a simple, yet fairly difficult drift racing game that will challenge you to last as long as you can on the snow covered track as you try to get a lower score than you did on the lap before. It's a fairly common premise in the world of drift racing games, but that does little to take away from the fun you'll have with this game. Although any experienced racing game player has likely played a hundred other games almost exactly like this one, it somehow manages to avoid feeling boring, tired or like more of the same. Newcomers will almost certainly have a hard time getting the hang of this game without a lot of practice but that shouldn't discourage the less experienced from giving it a shot. The greatest thing about this game is that even when you're doing badly, you're still having a lot of fun. This game never feels so frustrating that you feel like giving up and that's what makes it so addictive. Because you can see your current lap time, your previous lap time and your best lap time, you're able to track your progress and see if you are in fact improving. Give it time. You'll see those numbers come down a little bit at a time until you're positive you are, in fact, improving. More experienced players are probably going to find this one a bit on the easy side in terms of the actual racing, but the additional features added to this game will make it much more interesting.

Probably the factor that sets Snow Drift Racing apart from all of the other drift racing games online is the fact that your game has no set end. While most of the other games in this genre end after a set number of laps, your game can really last as long as you are able to make it last. That isn't quite as easy as it sounds, but it keeps the game from getting stale or boring. It also ups the intensity level beyond what this type of game normally offers. You aren't racing to come in first. You're just racing to get the best time you can get, beat your old best time and see if you can get a time good enough to get your name on the leader board. Because that is the case, the focus here is entirely on driving, but you need to be careful. Unlike most of the other drift racing games online, you are able to destroy you're car and you're even able to run out of gas. If your car destroyed or your fuel supply is depleted, your game will be over. To make your game last longer, you'll need to collect wrenches when your car becomes damaged and collect fuel when your supply begins running low. Don't wait until the last moment to try to collect fuel or wrenches because they're not always in the same place every time. If you wait too long to collect a wrench or fuel refill, you could find your game ends just before you get to the icon.

The cars you have to choose from in Snow Drift Racing are excellent but the greatest thing about them is the way the information about those cars is laid out. Many of the other racing games online choose to indicate a car's basic stats using levels, stars or indicator bars. This game just spells it out for you so even someone who isn't familiar with racing games can choose the car that's right for their experience level. Beginners are going to want to go with someone that handles well and has good grip since you'll be racing on snow. Your best bet is the GT-4 (car number 8). It doesn't have a lot of power, but you don't want a lot of power when you're just starting out. A car with a lot of kick is great, but not much use if you can't keep it under control. As you play and start to notice improvement, you can move up to some of the more advanced cars like the Stratos, the WRX STi or the F1. The F1 is a great car that handles smoothly and has decent grip, but it also has a lot of muscle. This is a car that's great for those that aren't exactly beginners but aren't advanced players yet. It will give you everything you need. More experienced players looking for a real challenge should try out the NSX-R. It's a great car with lots of power and decent handling but offers little to nothing in the way of grip. If you want a difficult race, this is definitely the way to go.

The best way to finish the race in Snow Drift Racing with a good time is to choose a car that is appropriate for your skill set and to pay attention to whether or not your car needs gas or repairs. A good rule of thumb is to refill or repair as soon as your indicators show any where from half to three quarters full. It's also vitally important to drive quickly but carefully. All of the wrenches in the game will be of little use if you're constantly slamming your car into the side of the track. Make sure you don't just try to bully through if you hit the wall. Reverse and turn to correct your position on the track or you're going to find yourself needing repairs a lot more often. If you're a good driver and have a little bit of skill in racing games, you should be able to last a few laps without having to get a wrench. Fuel is a different story altogether. It drains fairly quickly, so make sure you get those fuel icons. Also, watch your speed around turns. If you take a turn too quickly, it's going to be incredibly difficult to keep your car under control. You don't have to hit the brake or inch around a turn - this is a drift racing game after all - but ease off on the accelerator for a beat or two. This will slow you down enough to get a good drift around sharp turns without compromising your control of your car.

Overall, Snow Drift Racing is a must play game for anyone who loves racing games, especially drift racing games. The graphics are incredible considering the genre, but not so over the top that they're distracting or prevent the game from running smoothly. This is the kind of game that doesn't really go anywhere in the grand scheme of things but is too much fun to care. Even when you're performing poorly, the game is still a blast. You're going to want to keep playing to beat your own best time or to try to get your name on the high score list - a lofty aspiration for newcomers, but well within reach for anyone with a little more experience. If you're looking for a racing game that follows a format you're familiar with but is still entertaining and fun, this is a game you need to play.