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Slot Car Grand Prix Controls

Accelerate with 'space' or the left mouse button. Maintain speed by holding 'space' or the left mouse button. Slow down by releasing 'space' or the left mouse button. Restart level by hitting 'esc'.

  • Rating: 4.45/5

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Slot Car Grand Prix Walkthrough

Slot Car Grand Prix brings all the fun of racing slot cars to the world of flash racing games with this fun, engrossing and incredibly addictive slot car racing game. With several different tracks to choose from and a fairly decent car to start off with, this game really offers something for everyone regardless of skill or experience level in the genre. If you're new to racing games, consider a track with fewer twists and turns like 'Detroit' or 'Il Circuito'. A track with fewer twists and turns will give you the chance to get used to maintaining control of your vehicle and keeping your car on the track. More experienced players looking for a challenge should check out 'Mental', 'Wunderbahn' or 'Exit Rose' to get the level of difficulty they're looking for. This isn't your typical racing game though. Because you're racing slot cars, you only have control of the speed at which your car travels along the track. You don't turn your car. It is turned automatically by the track. Instead, you need to control the speed your car takes those turns with which will make all the difference in whether you win your race or not.

The biggest challenge of Slot Car Grand Prix, especially for beginners, will simply be to keep their car on the track. If you hit a corner with too much speed, you car will fly off the track. That isn't something you want. You have to wait for your car to be placed back on the track. Although it only takes a second or two, that is a second or two you can't afford to waste. Something as simple as one missed turn can completely eliminate your chances of winning and that's really what this game is about. It isn't about finishing the race in the fastest possible time. It's about finishing the race ahead of your competitor. Regardless of whether you're only ahead by a fraction of a second, it's that position at the front of the pack that matters. The tricky part is getting ahead of your opponent and staying there and having good control of your speed is an important part of that. It doesn't take long to fall behind or to fall so far behind you have little chance of catching up. Say you're leading your opponent for most of the race. Miss even one turn and you could find yourself finishing second and losing the race. The same can be said if you're trying to catch up with the other racer. Back off of the speed on sharp turns and you should be able to win a few races.

When you begin in Slot Car Grand Prix you have just your standard car. If you log in or register with a Mochi account, you'll unlock three new cars that you can use for free and a fourth car you can purchase with Mochi coins. Although your standard car will be enough to get you through most of easier tracks - and even the more difficult ones if you're a skilled racing game player - upgrading to a new car can help you conquer the more challenging ones. Considering you can get most of those new cars for free just for logging in, it's worth giving them a shot. Look over the new cars and see which one best suits your needs. Each car has its own strengths and weaknesses so choose a car that is strong where you are weak. For example, if you have a hard time keeping your car under control, the mini might be a good car for you. It's a bit slower than the other cars, but it offers superior handling. If you're just looking for a good, all around, solid car, you can't beat the hot rod. It's fast, stable and offers excellent acceleration. This is a great car for someone that doesn't need a lot of help in any one particular area.

Overall, Slot Car Grand Prix is the kind of game you want to keep playing again and again. The fact that it breaks away from the mold most racing games seem to be made from only makes it more appealing. While racing game fans love the challenge of trying to come in first above all else, one must also appreciate the chance to try something new, different and exciting. It will take a little practice for newcomers to really get good, but with a game this fun, practice is no problem! This is a great game for any racing game fan because it offers so many different tracks. It isn't hard at all to find a level of difficulty that suits your desires. This is a game that is going to continually challenge you to improve and to do better. When you're comfortable with one track, move on to a more difficult one and keep going until you've won on them all. It's possible, but it'll take a little time. It's well worth it though. You'll have a blast with this one!