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Skidoo TT Controls

Skidoo TT is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate and to brake. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. Press the spacebar to shoot missiles. The P key pauses the game and the F key turns snow effects on and off.

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Skidoo TT Walkthrough

Skidoo TT is a racing game that puts you in the seat of a snowmobile. Skidoo TT features awesome graphics, simple controls, and three tracks to drive on.

The objective of Skidoo TT is to complete each track as quickly as possible. In Arcade Mode, you will drive on all three tracks, one after the other. In Time Trial mode, you can select which of the three tracks that you wish to drive on. Although Skidoo TT can be classified as a racing game, unfortunately, there are no AI-controlled competitors to race against. Rather than racing against opponents, you will be racing against time in an attempt to complete each course as quickly as possible.

Skidoo TT uses the keyboard as its control device. Hold the up arrow key to accelerate. The down arrow key is used to brake and to drive in reverse. The left and right arrow keys steer your snowmobile. Finally, the spacebar is used to shoot snowballs. It is not necessary to shoot in order to complete this racing game, but doing so can help you to clear a path, potentially saving time.

In order to improve your time, make sure to stay on the track. Driving in deep snow will slow you down. It is also important to avoid driving over frozen puddles or colliding with crates or snowballs, since doing so will throw you off course. Crates and snowballs can be shot out of the way if you have ammunition. It may be a good idea to pick up speed boost powerups that will give you a temporary increase of speed, but remember that you do not want to take curves to fast in this racing game, or you may end up driving off of the track!

Skidoo TT is a simple top-down driving game that may be fun for players that want a quick break. Unfortunately, this racing game does not feature actual racing against computer-controlled opponents, so if you are looking a competitive challenge, you will have to look elsewhere.