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Skid MK Controls

Skid MK is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys accelerate and brake/reverse respectively. The left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle. The spacebar is used to activate your current powerup. The P key is used to pause the game.

  • Rating: 4.43/5

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Skid MK Walkthrough

Skid MK is a racing game similar to Mario Kart. Skid MK features three-dimensional graphics, simple controls, and six racers to choose from.

The objective of Skid MK is to beat the competition in each race and finish in first place. You can choose to play in the Skidmark Cup, which is a series of races, a single race, or in Time Attack mode, where you are alone on the track and the objective is to complete the laps as quickly as possible. Your progress is automatically saved in this racing game, so any records that you set, unlocks that you earn, or items that you buy will still be there the next time that you play.

The gameplay of Skid MK is similar to that of the original Mario Kart (Super Mario Kart) for the Super Nintendo. The camera view is situated behind your vehicle. Collide with powrup icons (question marks inside of circles) to collect random powerups. Press the spacebar to use the powerup. Powerups include cans of beans that provide a speed boost, steel balls that can devastate your opponents, and piles of... excrement that cause drivers to temporarily lose control of their vehicles when run over. Try not to rely on powerups, since racing fundamentals alone can win this racing game, but powerups are handy when used at the appropriate time.

The fundamentals of racing are essential to winning in this racing game. Try to avoid making wide turns, and make your turns on the inside of the track. Slow down a bit when making turns, especially if your character has a low handling characteristic. Accelerate to maximum speed when driving on straight sections of the tracks. You can cut across small sections of track to get the upper-hand on the AI, but try to stay on the track to maintain maximum speed and handling.

Coins can be collected during races for use in the shop. When enough coins have been collected and other prerequisites have been met, you can purchase additional tracks and characters from the shop. If you need to earn more coins to buy the items that you want, you can always replay the same tracks repeatedly to earn the coinage.

Skid MK is a challenging and addictive racing game that is sure to entice fans of Mario Kart games. Casual gamers can enjoy the novice difficulty level while seasoned players will enjoy the challenge of pro difficulty level. What are you waiting for? Put the pedal to the metal in Skid MK!