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Sim Taxi 2 Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Steer your taxi using the left and right arrow keys. Change the radio station using 'r'. Blow your horn using 'h'.

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Sim Taxi 2 Walkthrough

Sim Taxi 2 is an entertaining and engrossing taxi racing game in which you must drive around the big city and pick up fares to earn money. The more money you earn, the higher your score will be at the end of the game. While the premise behind the game is simple, the game can actually be fairly difficult. If you have any experience with racing games, you'll likely find this one easier than someone who has no experience, but it will still pose a fairly decent challenge. That's what makes this game so much fun to play and is also what makes it so addictive. The graphics are cute but not over the top so the game will run smoothly without lagging but still looks appealing. In addition, there are different characters pick up, different types of cars on the road along with your taxi and different building lining the streets so you won't get tired of looking at the same thing over and over again. The greatest thing about the game is that it isn't so difficult it will alienate newcomers but not so easy that it will alienate experienced players. It really offers entertainment for anyone regardless of skill or experience level without ever feeling dull or boring.

The basic rules of Sim Taxi 2 are pretty easy to understand. Your goal is to pick up passengers, deliver them to their destinations and collect your fare. You'll see a variety of people walking on the sidewalks but not all of them are looking for a taxi. The people looking for taxis will either be surrounded by a green highlighted circle or have an exclamation point over them. Drive over to them and stop your taxi. They'll hop right in and tell you where they want to go. Get them there quickly to get the best fare. Sometimes, your passengers won't like your taste in music and will want you to change the radio stations. To get a better fare, change the station right away. If you're careful but quick when delivering the passenger to their destination and change the radio station if they ask you to, you should get a decent fare and earn the money you need to earn. If you're not sure where you're going, look in the upper left corner of the screen and just follow the yellow arrow. It's nearly impossible to get lost as long as you keep an eye on the direction your destination is in. In addition to all this, you can look for coins in the road which you can collect to earn additional money. Coins are worth picking up as they give you a fair bit of money, but it can be hard sometimes to get them. Give it your best shot but don't waste a lot of time on them. It's great if you can get them, but not a big deal if you can't.

To make Sim Taxi 2 a little more difficult, your taxi can run out of gas or the engine can break down if you don't take care of it. Crashing into things is probably the fastest way to destroy your engine and end your game. You're able to repair your car by driving over wrenches in the road and refill your car with gas by visiting gas stations. At the bottom left side of the screen, you'll see the information you need to know when to fill up or repair your car. The gas gage tells you how much gas you have, obviously and the wrench icon tells you how close you are to destroying your engine. Don't wait until your gas gage is almost on E or before your wrench icon is almost empty to go for gas and repairs. If you're really low on gas when you decide to fill up, you risk running out of gas on the way which would end your game. Also, a lot can happen between you and the repair wrench. If you wait too long for repairs, your car might wind up getting destroyed before you get to the repairs you need which would also end your game.

There are two different modes of play to choose from when you begin playing Sim Taxi 2; Campaign and Free Game. Free Game is a better option for beginners or those having trouble getting used to how the game is played. There is no time limit and no goal you need to reach. Your only job is to drive around, pick up fares and try to make money. The challenge of Free Game is really whatever you want it to be. You can try to get more money than you got the last time you played or use it as a way to familiarize yourself with how to control your car and how the game is played. There isn't really any pressure in this one. Remember where your gas station and repair wrenches are and make sure you use them when you need them and you should be able to get a pretty decent score - even if you're not familiar with taxi racing games. More experienced players will enjoy Free Game mode as well, even if only for the high score aspect of things. It's the more relaxed mode and great to kill a little time with.

Advanced taxi racing game players will love Campaign mode in Sim Taxi 2 but beginners might find it a little overwhelming. The story is a big part of what is most appealing. Basically, you see this really great sports car and you want it in a bad way. The problem? You don't have really great sports car money just lying around so you have to find a way to earn it. A man approaches you and tells you he's fixed his taxi but no longer has a driver. He offers you the chance to earn the money for your sports car by driving his taxi and so begins the game. Along with a story, Campaign mode also adds a money goal you'll have to meet each day if you want to make it to the next level and a time limit. If you run out of gas, crash your car or run out of time, you'll lose and never earn the money for your car. The thing that really makes Campaign mode so much harder than Free Game mode is the time limit. The time limit is also what will turn many newcomers away from Campaign mode. The best thing about this game is that even if you don't feel confident enough in your racing game skills to tackle Campaign mode, you can still enjoy the game in Free Game mode. Once you've been playing for a while, are earning higher scores and have learned how to control your car a bit better, you can tackle Campaign mode and enjoy that just as much.

Overall, Sim Taxi 2 is a must play game for any fans of taxi racing games, racing games, driving games or just fun games in general. The story in Campaign mode is a lot of fun so if you decide to give it a shot, don't skip over it. It only takes a few minutes to read and it'll add a fun new dimension to the game. If you're having a hard time earning enough money to pass a level in Campaign mode try to collect every coin you can. Those coins are worth more than many of the fares so even if you have to miss a fare to try to get a coin, do it. One coin can go a long way to helping you reach your level goal. Although it can be difficult and a little frustrating, this is a game any fan of the genre needs to try.