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Sim Taxi Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or back up using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Turn music on or off using the 'n' and 'm' key. Select the radio on using 'r'. Turn the radio up or down using the '<' and '>' keys. Change the radio station using number keys 1-3.

  • Rating: 4.74/5

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Sim Taxi Walkthrough

In the world of taxi simulation games and online racing games, few can compete with Sim Taxi. This excellent, engrossing and entirely addictive racing game puts you behind the wheel of a taxi and gives you three options for what kind of game you would like to play - the standard game, a practice game or a time attack game - making sure there is an option for every fan of the genre regardless of what kind of gaming experience the player is looking for. With a standard game you will be able to save your progress and work towards beating the entire game. With a practice game you'll be able to get a feel for how the game is played and hone your skills without the pressure of a time limit or a set goal you need to achieve. With a time attack you'll be given an intense and exciting test of your skills in which you will be challenged to complete missions before you run out of time. From the newcomer to the advanced player, Sim Taxi offers something for everyone.

For anyone new to the world of online racing games or taxi simulation games, I would recommend starting out with a game in practice mode. In practice mode you will have three options; a five minute practice game, a ten minute practice game or a practice game with no time limit. Try out the five minute practice game first. If you feel you still need work on your racing skills you can choose to up the time limit to ten minutes or, if you need a lot of work, try out a practice game with no time limit. The practice games offer a great introduction to the game and help you understand what you will be required to do in the other game play modes. Alternatively, if you're just looking for a fun game to kill a little time with and don't feel up to the challenges of the other game play modes, you can stick with practice mode and just enjoy a nice relaxing game.

More experienced racing game players who are looking for a real challenge will love Time Attack mode in Sim Taxi. It is definitely difficult and will really test the skills of even the most experience players. The time limit really ups the difficulty level which in turn ups the intensity level and makes for a much more engrossing gaming experience. For newcomers, time attack will probably be a little too hard to dive into right away and even some of those who feel they are skilled will have a hard time with this one. If you're having trouble meeting even the smallest goals, give the standard game a try. There's no reason you can't go back into time attack once you have a little more experience with this particular game under your belt and understand what the game will ask of you a little bit better.

The key to doing well in Sim Taxi is keeping an eye on the condition of your taxi (indicated by the wrench icon at the bottom right of the game screen), how much gas is in your gas tank (indicated by the fuel gage at the bottom left of the game screen) and making sure you get your fares to their destinations as quickly as possible. Make sure you pay attention to what they're saying as well. Change the radio station if they ask to have the radio station changed. The customer is always right. If you don't keep your customer happy, you will lose more of their fare. The longer it takes you to get them to their destination, the less money you will earn for the fare. You need to keep that fare as high as possible because you will need to purchase gas, repairs and upgrades with the money you earn.

If you want to do well in Sim Taxi, regardless of what game mode you are playing, you will need upgrades. Upgrades improve the performance of your taxi. You start out with just a standard taxi but you can purchase upgrades for the engine, the tires, the bumper and the spoiler. All of these things will help you perform better in the game. Remember though, while upgrades are important, repairing damage to your taxi and making sure you have funds to put gas in your taxi when you need it is also important. If you don't, your game will come to a quick end. Don't blow all of the money you earn on upgrades. Wait to buy them until you really need them. Having the money you need for gas or repairs when you need it is vital to succeeding in this game.

The most important tip I can offer for doing well in any mode of play in Sim Taxi is to avoid waiting until the last second to repair or gas up. You never know what is lurking around the corner. If your car is just about destroyed and you run into something on the way to a wrench or on the way to your shop to perform repairs, your game will end. Instead, watch that wrench. When your car is halfway between destroyed and fully repaired, go to the shop and fix it. If you can afford to repair more often then do so. Having a healthy car is definitely important. The same goes for gas. Don't wait until you're just about out of gas to run to the gas station. You could get held up in traffic, get stuck in a corner or all manner of other things that could slow you down and cause you to run out of gas before you make it to the gas station.

Overall, Sim Taxi is the sort of game that will grab your attention right from the start and hold it to the very end. As you play, things will get more difficult, but you'll also get a better understanding of how to control your car and where you are going as you're delivering customers to their destinations. Always pay attention to the arrow at the top left of the screen. This arrow is your best defense against getting lost. Follow that arrow to get your customers to their destinations quickly and get the highest possible fare. In the end, though, nothing trumps experience. The more you play the better you're get and with this game, spending a little time practicing will not only help you improve your game but will also be almost as much fun as the game itself. If you're a fan of racing games, taxi simulation games or just fun games in general, you need to check this one out.