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SandStorm Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

  • Rating: 4.68/5

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SandStorm Walkthrough

SandStorm is an excellent racing game that will challenge you to beat your competitors and make it to the finish line first; testing your racing skills - and sometimes your patience - along the way. The basic premise of the game isn't terribly unfamiliar in the racing game genre. Basically, you're racing your buggy through the desert against five computer generated opponents on a sand filled track. You need to pass through the lighted markers to complete the required number of laps to finish the race. Your goal is to finish in either first, second or third place so you can earn coins. The coins you earn can be used to purchase upgrades that will help you perform better in future races. Despite the rather familiar premise, this game uses excellent graphics and truly challenging tracks to make the game stand out from the rest of the games in the genre. Although it is a hard game, it isn't one that can't be mastered. Whether you're just starting to fall in love with racing games or have been a die hard fan for years, this is a game you're going to love playing.

Because SandStorm is such a difficult game, newcomers to the genre will feel intimidated from the beginning. In order to do well in this game, you really need to have at least basic racing skills. You need to know how to take turns without losing control of your vehicle first and foremost which is something that is pretty common in racing games. For that reason, more experienced players are definitely going to have an advantage right from the start. That doesn't mean newcomers won't be able to do well. It will just take beginners a little longer to get the hang of the controls. The great thing about this game is that it offers a tutorial level you can replay as many times as you want to to hone your skills before you take on an actual race. Don't rush into a race until you're ready. You'll only get frustrated and feel like you have to give up. A little patience goes a long way in this game. Take the time to build your skills even if it take longer than you'd like. You'll still have a lot of fun even though you're racing on the same track and in the process you'll improve at the game. Try to hold off on taking on the first race until you can make it through the tutorial level relatively cleanly. The real advantage of the tutorial level is that it allows you to get used to the controls without the distraction of other cars racing around you. The focus is on learning on how to keep your car under control. That will make not only tackling new tracks easier, but it will also help you when it comes time to deal with other racers on the track. They'll bump into you and being able to keep your car under control will be vital if you don't want to get knocked out of the race by your opponents.

SandStorm is a great game for more experienced racing game players looking for a legitimate challenge. The graphics aren't the best graphics you'll find in this genre, but they're far from the worst. The simplistic nature of the game's design is perhaps one of the biggest advantages the game offers. Instead of focusing on making the game look cool, it's clear the focus was on making this game challenging. The game looks great - sleek and professional - without overly detailed backgrounds that distract from how the game is played. The tracks offer enough twists and turns to keep the races interesting but not so many that you can't finish with a good time. That said, it isn't so hard it feels impossible and if you have basic racing skills you should be able to do fine with this one. Experienced players are also going to love the fact that you are rewarded differently depending on how well you place in your race. For example, in the first race, a third place finish will earn you 150 credits, a second place finish will earn you 300 credits and a first place finish will earn you 700 credits. The fact that your reward for completing the race depends on how well you do in the race makes taking one of the top three spots even more desirable. Use the credits you earn to purchase newer, faster buggies that will help you in some of the later, more difficult tracks.

The key to doing well in SandStorm is to build up a good foundation of strong racing skills before you even begin trying to race against opponents. Even experienced players should try a race or two on the tutorial track to get the hang of driving the buggy in this game. It is a little more difficult to keep your buggy under control than it is to keep cars under control in many of the other racing games online. You don't just need to worry about learning how to keep your car on the track and getting through the checkpoints. You also need to worry about navigating around the other buggies on the track. That tutorial level will teach you valuable skills and really, that's what it's there for. Make sure you take the time to take advantage of it. In addition, before you begin each new race, you'll see a preview of what the track will look like. Take a moment or two to familiarize yourself with the basic layout of the track so you have an idea of where the turns are. Taking turns well is vital in this game and having a rough idea where those turns are before you even begin racing is a good place to start. Each off on the speed a little bit around sharp turns. If you're traveling too fast when you hit a turn, it's almost certain you're going to lose control.

Overall, SandStorm is an excellent game that will thrill even the most experienced racing game players. The basic premise doesn't take anything away at all from how enjoyable this game is. While beginners are going to have a hard time with this one, the tutorial track the game provides will be more than enough to help you hone your skills so you have a good chance at doing well in the game. Do everything you can to place in each race. Even if you can't muster a first place finish, even a second or third place finish will help you earn credits to buy upgrades. While the basic buggy is generally more than enough to get you through the first few races, you'll need to have an upgraded buggy to get through the later races. For more of a challenge for those experienced players looking for a higher level of difficulty, hold off on the upgrades as long as possible and try to place first in all of the races. It isn't easy but it will make the game a lot more entertaining. This is truly a game you can play over and over again and still be entertained. If you're a fan of buggy racing games or just good racing games in general, you need to check this one out. You won't be disappointed.