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Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing Controls

Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow (or W key) is used to accelerate, the down arrow key (or S key) brakes, the right arrow key (or D key) tilts your car forward, and the left arrow key (or A key) tilts your car backwards. The spacebar (or X key) is used to activate your nitro boost. Finally, the game can be paused by using the P key, or restarted by using the R key.

  • Rating: 4.82/5

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Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing Walkthrough

Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing is a racing game by turboNuke (the team of Longanimals and robotJAM), creators of the CycloManiacs series and many other games. As expected from turboNuke, Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing features outstanding graphics, simple controls, and addictive gameplay.

There are eight locations featured in Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing, each with three races, making a grand total of twenty-four races to complete. Before each race, you are given a place that you must reach. End the race in this place or better to unlock the next level. You can also replay previously-beaten levels in this racing game to attempt to place better and earn more more. Your progress is automatically saved, so you do not have to complete the game in one session.

Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing uses a control scheme very similar to that of CycloManics. The up and down arrow keys (or W and S keys) to accelerate and to brake respectively. The left and right arrow keys (or A and D keys) are used to tilt your vehicle backwards and forwards respectively. Unlike the CycloManiacs series, there is no reward for performing tricks in this racing game, but it may be necessary to tilt your vehicle after going airborne so that you don't land on its roof. Tilting your vehicle may also help you to climb steep surfaces with greater ease. Finally, the spacebar (or X key) is used to activate your nitro boost. The nitro boost gives you a huge advantage over the AI-controlled racers (which is very important at the beginning o the game), as they almost never use boosts themselves.

Like the CycloManiacs series of racing games, your first races in Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing will be difficult since the AI has an overall advantage in acceleration, speed, and handling. The only advantage that you will have is your nitro boost. This changes once you earn enough money to purchase new cars and upgrade them. Aside from standard upgrades, you can also fine-tune your vehicle in this racing game. Click and drag the sliders to change tire sizes, suspension, and more. Experiment with different setting to find out what works best on different courses.

Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing is an outstanding racing game, but at times it can feel like a scaled down CycloManiacs with cars rather than bikes. On one hand, this may make the game seem unoriginal, but on the other hand, it means that Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing is bred from a winning formula of gameplay!