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Road of the Dead Controls

Road of the Dead is controlled by using the keyboard. The W and S keys are used to accelerate and to brake respectively. The A and D keys are used to steer. The spacebar activates your hand brake. The E key activates your horn, the R key activates your wipers, and the F key is used to attack. These controls can be changed in the options menu.

  • Rating: 4.54/5

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Road of the Dead Walkthrough

Road of the Dead is a zombie-themed driving game and the precursor to the zombie game, Lab of the Dead. Road of the Dead features amazing graphics, great voice acting, and challenging gameplay. The numerous audio and graphical assets in this racing game may make it load slowly on slower connections, so be patient. It should also be noted that this game is very gory, so parental discretion is advised when letting children play.

Road of the Dead features four gameplay modes: Police State, Dead on Time, Highway to Hell, and The Great Escape. You are advised to play The Great Escape first since it is the main, story-based mode of the game. Your objective in this mode is to reach each checkpoint before losing your vehicle. Not only will you have to deal with zombies, but you will also have to avoid running over civilians and avoid being killed by soldiers that are enforcing martial law! After each run, you can use points to purchase upgrades for your vehicle. Your progress and upgrades are saved after each checkpoint, so you can continue this driving game at a later time.

Running over zombies and earning achievements earns RP points in Road of the Dead. Running over civilians invokes a penalty. RP points can be used to purchase upgrades. I advise upgrading your bumper so that your vehicle will be more resilient and your engine so that you can travel faster. Although the horn upgrade may seem useless, it is actually useful for getting civilians out of the way and for attracting more zombies, potentially earning you more points if you can manage to run them over! Your upgrades are carried over between all modes of this driving game, so you don't have to start over from scratch should you decide to play a different mode.

Once you have beaten The Great Escape, you may want to test your skills by playing the three remaining modes. The goal of Police State is to drive as far as you can before getting killed. There are more soldiers out to stop you in this gameplay mode, and the farther you get, the more resistance you will face. Dead on Time gives you a limited amount of time to drive as far as you can. Running over zombies in this mode rewards more time. The final mode of this driving game is Highway to Hell. Highway to Hell is an extremely challenging mode that requires you to beat The Great Escape first.

Road of the Dead is an outstanding blend of the driving game and survival-horror game genres. If you like action, fast cars, and splattered zombies, then you will enjoy Road of the Dead!