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Risky Whisky Controls

Risky Whisky is controlled by using the keyboard. Press the up arrow key to drive forward. The down arrow key is used to brake and to drive in reverse. The left and right arrow keys steer your truck in the respective direction. Press the spacebar to set your truck on its wheels if it flips over.

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Risky Whisky Walkthrough

Everyone likes a good drink every now and then, but it takes skilled drivers to get the liquor (we can let younger players pretend that it's root beer) to the market. That is where you come in. in Risky Whisky, a 3D Shockwave driving game, you play the role of a truck driver tasked with getting a crate of beverages to the market!

When you first load up Risky Whisky, you may notice that the instructions are in Italian. Not to worry; we will provide the instructions to get you started in this gameplay description. Click the start button to begin the game (it's funny that the button is in English but the in-game instructions are not). Once the game has started, you will use the keyboard to drive your truck. The left and right arrow keys steer your truck, the up arrow key accelerates forward, and the down arrow key is used to brake and to reverse. If you crash your truck and it flips over, you can set it back on its wheels by pressing the spacebar.

Now that you know how to control your vehicle in this driving game, it's time to learn the objective of the game. Your mission is to deliver the crate of whiskey (err, root beer) to the drugstore as quickly as possible without breaking too many bottles. If six bottles are broken, you will lose the game! Should the crate fall off of your truck, slowly drive towards it to pick it back up. You will not be able to complete this driving game unless you have the crate in your truck's bed when you drive to the drugstore!

There are three roads that you can take in Risky Whisky. In order of easiest to hardest, these roads are Easy Way, City Avenue, and Hill Street. I advise newcomers to this driving game to drive down Easy Way. Only experts and gamers looking for a challenge should dare to journey up Hill Street!

Risky Whisky is a driving game that is fun for gamers of all ages and skill levels. Just remember to tell the kids that they're delivering root beer, and that it isn't safe to drink and drive!