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Retro Rally Controls

If you are used to racing games where you need to use the directional keys for steering, acceleration, going reverse, etc., then you will have to adjust a little bit with Retro Rally. Instead of using your directional keys for driving, things are made even simpler (and better in my opinion) - all you need to do to start rolling with your wheels is to move your mouse's cursor and your car will surely follow. Easy as pie, don't you think? Let's check out the game...

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Retro Rally Walkthrough

One of the few mouse controlled racing games out there, Retro Rally is as easy as pie to play. The further you move your cursor away, the faster you will go. And when you pick up some items along the way (gasoline power ups), you gain extra speed. The goal in Retro Rally is very straightforward - race against the AI, go as fast as you can, win the race, move to the next level, rinse and repeat.

To play Retro Rally, there are only 3 things / reminders you need to bear in mind: (1) move your mouse and move your car, as I have said (2) the farther you move your mouse away the faster you will go, and (3) those orange balls - the gasoline packs, are your best buddies. Always grab them whenever you see them. It boosts up your speed, which is exactly what you need when you are racing.

There's not much to say about Retro Rally when it comes to strategy and stuff like that. If you have played racing games before, you just need to do the same thing here... only with your mouse. HOWEVER, there are some stuff I want to take a closer look at - both the good and the bad.

Let's check out the good stuff first - there are a lot. Retro Rally is one of those racing games that tops the graphics department. With 3D graphics and design that's way more realistic than your arcade looking and average racing game, this is surely enticing to play. The controls? Well, how easy could it get? Heck! You only need to use your mouse, there's no way your fingers would get twisted for that. The sound effects, too, are nice especially when you grab that gasoline pack.

Onto the not so good stuff - well, there is only one. BUT a MAJOR one - it's slow! If it weren't for this, Retro Racing would have been one of the nicest racing games out there. Maybe it's all because of the graphics and the design that my PC lags in a middle of a race. Racing games are supposed to be fun, they are supposed to be exciting. BUT not this one. All 'thanks' to the lag, it can easily get boring playing this game. Maybe it's because of my PC? That I'm not so sure about since I have played this game on 2 different PCs. These PCs are not top of the line Alienware PCs, but they are decent.

If you can play this at full speed, at maxed out resolution and everything still works out fine, good for you. You are in for a treat. Giving the game 3.5 stars out of 5 is justified I think.