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Rescue the Band Controls

Rescue the Band is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys swerve your car in the respective direction. The up arrow key is used to accelerate and the down arrow key is used to brake. Press the spacebar to activate your turbo boost.

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Rescue the Band Walkthrough

Rescue the Band is a 3D Shockwave game where you must rescue the members of OK Go! This driving game is in some ways similar to the classic Sega racing game, Out Run, and features awesome graphics, simple controls, and great sound effects.

The objective of Rescue the Band is to rescue the members of OK Go from terrorists that want to stop rock music. This concept may remind you of the arcade game, Revolution X, but instead of shooting dudes in yellow gas masks with CDs, you will be ramming vans with your hybrid car. You will have to weave through traffic and ram the blue van where the band is being held hostage. If you deplete the blue van's health (indicated by the bottom red bar in the lower-left corner of the screen), you will rescue one band member. Repeat the process four times to save the entire band. If your health (indicated by the top bar in the lower-left) is depleted or if you run out of time, you will fail in your mission.

Rescue the Band has a great concept, but there are a few issues with its execution. Firstly, the game is extremely difficult. You may find it easy to hit the van a few times, but once its health is down to about fifty percent, it will do its best to evade you by speeding up and weaving through traffic. Once the van gets away, it's nearly impossible to catch up with it. To make matters worse, the AI has a much easier time weaving through traffic than a human player would in this driving game. I'll take my hat off to you if you manage to rescue even one of the band members!

The second problem with Rescue the Band is its streaming audio. This driving game is pretty old (having been online since at least 2007), so the server that would provide streaming audio is probably down and won't be coming back online any time soon. The lack of music may make it hard for some gamers to get into this car game, especially those that are fans of OK Go.

Rescue the Band has great graphics and a great engine, but its tremendous level of difficulty makes it hard to enjoy. If you are looking for a challenging car game, then give Rescue the Band a try, but if you are looking for a game that can be won, then you should probably look elsewhere!