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Reach The Goal Controls

Reach The Goal is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes and reverses, and the left and right arrow keys steer your car. The D key is used to trigger a nitro boost. The C key changes the camera view. The R key resets your car's position. The P key pauses the game.

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Reach The Goal Walkthrough

Reach The Goal is a top-down racing game featuring detailed graphics, a pumping soundtrack, and realistic sound effects. This racing game also features four cars that you can choose from.

The objective of Reach The Goal is to complete a race of three laps in first place. As with many other top-down racing games, the computer-controlled cars have a major advantage navigating the track. In order to counter this advantage, be sure to stay as close to the inside of the track as you can to minimize your distance, and avoid making very wide turns. Also, be sure to utilize your nitro boost when it is available. It is best to use it on straight portions of the track, since using it in the middle of a turn might make your car harder to control. Crashing into the side of the track while using the nitro boost will cancel its effect. Remember that the computer-controlled cars can also use nitro boosts!

Reach The Goal features four different cars. All four of the cars have the same handling characteristics, and only differ in maximum speed, acceleration, and appearance. For newcomers to this racing game, it is probably best to select the "Lizard" (the green car). This car features the lowest maximum speed and the slowest acceleration, but this makes it easier to control than the other, faster cars. The most powerful car in the game is "Blueray" (the blue car), which has the highest top speed and the quickest acceleration. This car might be daunting for beginners, however, since its speed might make it difficult to make tight turns!

Once you have fallen behind the AI-controlled racers in Reach The Goal, it is almost impossible to catch up. If you feel that you have no chance of winning the race, you may click the button labeled "Reset" to the right of the game's screen. This will start the race from the very beginning. This should not be confused with resetting your car by pressing the R key, which simply places your car back on the track facing in the right direction.

Reach The Goal is a very challenging and exhilarating racing game. Fans of the racing game genre will enjoy the high-paced action of Reach The Goal.