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Pick your horse, choose a trainer, and start betting in this horse racing game. You'll be able to bet on a new race every week, and depending on your expenses, you'll be able to make a hefty profit with a good win.

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Racehorse Tycoon may seem like a simple racing game at first, but it's anything but. It's a lot of fun to play, but it takes equal amounts of work to win - and make money. You'll start the game out with enough money to purchase a racehorse, a trainer, a jockey, transportation, a stable, and food. At the same time, you're given twenty weeks to win as much money as humanly possible.

You can compete in one race per week, and you can bet on a race while you're competing. Whether or not you're betting on your own horse is up to you - you can always place a bet on a competing horse. Either way, you'll end up winning, or losing, and spend your time trying to recoup your losses - or allocating your winnings - the following week.

The dynamics of the game are simple to grasp, but hard to master. With enough money, you can always purchase a better horse. A good trainer can improve the stats of any horse - and hiring a good jockey can be the difference between losing and winning. A good stable, and diet, will help your horse along the way, but they're not crucial. All in all, your expenses can add up quickly - especially if you're losing.

But betting during a race can change all that. Since you'll be able to bet 5000 credits on any horse during a race, you can make it big by betting. Or, depending on the race you're competing in, you can make a lot more money by placing. No matter which way you cut it, though, it's important to make money as a whole.

As you play Racehorse Tycoon, you'll get more acquainted with the horse racing world. And, unlike other racing games, the graphics and gameplay are all fantastic and well accounted for. If you're looking for a fun flash game that involves betting, training, and a whole lot of chance, then Racehorse Tycoon is the game you should be playing.