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Raccoon Racing Controls

Raccoon Racing is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes and reverses, and the left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle. The spacebar is used to activate your item (if you have one).

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Raccoon Racing Walkthrough

Raccoon Racing is a cute racing game that features cartoonish graphics, a ton of powerups, eight cups to complete, and six unlockable racers! This racing game is similar to Mario Kart, but is presented from a top-down perspective and features it own unique world.

The objective of Raccoon Racing is to complete each racing circuit, scoring points in each race. The better your place in each race, the higher score you are rewarded. To help you to complete this goal, the game features numerous items that may be collected and used as you race around the track. These items range from turbo boosts, missiles that seek out your opponents, shields to project you from hazards, and many more. There is even a powerup that will temporarily put all of your opponents to sleep! Be on your guard, however, because the computer-controlled opposition may also use these items against you!

Like many other racing games, Raccoon Racing features AI that has an easier time navigating the track than a human player would. This does not make the game impossible, however, since the developers of Raccoon Racing did a good job toning down the AI, especially on easier difficulty levels. Using your items wisely, and avoiding wide turns can give you the edge necessary to beat your computer-controlled opponents. It is quite possible to win from behind, so don't give up.

As you progress through Raccoon Racing, you will unlock more challenging circuits and higher difficulty levels. There are also six characters that you may unlock. Different characters do not seem to have different vehicle handling characteristics, so just select the character that you like the best. Personally, I chose the penguin because penguins are cool. If you return to the game at a later time, all of the stages and characters that you have unlocked will still be waiting for you.

Raccoon Racing features a wonderful soundtrack, and beautifully-drawn cartoon graphics. This racing game is unique in the fact that it not only offers car racing, but some stages feature boat racing! The boat stages are a bit more difficult to control, and the tracks are not as clearly-defined, but with practice, you'll get the hang of it!

Raccoon Racing is a jewel of a racing game. If you enjoyed Mario Kart, you will love this game. Players of all ages will appreciate this wonderful racing game for its cute graphics, outstanding gameplay, and numerous unlockables. Raccoon Racing is a must-play!