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Pro Rally 2009 Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Show or hide game menu using 'esc'.

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Pro Rally is back with Pro Rally 2009. The addictive racing game that had you hooked returns with a new installment that will keep you playing just as much as the first game in the series. This time around there are only two cars to choose from instead of four and only three different tracks to race on, but what seems like a disadvantage at first glance is really far more of a benefit. This game cuts out all the filler. While the first game offered a lot more in terms of options, this one sticks to the basics without losing any of the appeal of the original game. There is still more than enough to keep you entertained and to keep you playing, but there isn't a lot of the extra stuff thrown in allowing you to focus on what really make you love the first game - the racing. The premise is simple and so is the goal. You just need to drive your car around the track, avoiding the obstacles on the side of the track as you try to finish with a time worthy of a bronze, silver or gold medal. This game is everything a racing game should be - simple, challenging and fun.

The first thing you have to do when you begin playing Pro Rally 2009 is choose the car you want to race. There are two excellent cars to choose from, the Blue Wagon and the Rally Wagon, and both of them are fairly balanced in terms of the benefits and weaknesses they offer. The Blue Wagon offers four stars for acceleration, handling and braking but only three stars for speed. The Rally Wagon, on the other hand, offers four stars for speed and handling but only three stars for acceleration and braking. The main differences between the two cars are speed and acceleration. Beginners might want to give the Blue Wagon a try first. It doesn't move as quickly as the Rally Wagon, but in the case of many beginners, that's exactly what they need. It's harder to keep a car moving at a high rate of speed under control so for those newcomers who are having a hard time keeping their car on the track, something with a little less speed might be the perfect option. The best way to decide which car is best for you is to take them both out for a few trips around the track to try them out. Use them both on the same track and see which works best. A different car may be in order for a different track, but worry about that when you start racing on that track. There is no limit as to how many times you can try to get a medal on any given track, so take a little time to try out the cars. The right car offers you a good foundation for a strong finish in a race.

Choosing the track you want to race on it also important in Pro Rally 2009. While there aren't nearly as many tracks to choose from in this game compared to the number of tracks offered in the first or even compared to the number of tracks offered in most of the other racing games online, there is enough difference between the tracks to offer you a unique racing experience on each one. For that reason, you want to take a moment or two to decide on the first track you're going to race on. If you choose a track that's beyond your skill set, you're going to feel overwhelmed. The makers of this game have taken three of the best track styles from the first game - easy snow, narrow dirt and tricky dirt - and made them available again in this game. When you hover your mouse over the name of the track you want to try out, the basic information about that track will be shown on the right side of the game screen. You'll see a diagram displaying the track as well as the time you'll need to get a gold, silver or bronze score. When you first start playing, focus on just finish the track with the best time you can get and then try to beat that time. You'll build your skills and get familiar with the track which will help you significantly when you begin trying to go for a medal score.

Pro Rally 2009 is going to be a hard game for newcomers to the racing game genre to master but with time and practice they should be able to do it. Take a little time to practice and familiarize yourself with the track you're racing on. Take both cars around the tracks a few times to see which one works best for you. Above all else, just enjoy the game. If you can't get even a bronze medal score right away, be patient. You will get the hang of it. If you allow yourself to get frustrated, you'll make costly mistakes. When you run off the track in this game, it's usually fairly easy to get back on, but it definitely hurts your time. If you stray too far off the track or run into one of the track side obstacles, you'll crash. While crashing doesn't mean you have to start over from the beginning, it will take a moment or two for your car to be returned to the track. That's definitely something you want to avoid if you're goal is to get a medal score. Focus on getting to know your car and getting to know the track. The more familiar you are with everything, the better you'll do.

For more experienced racing game players, Pro Rally 2009 is going to be a bit on the easy side, but not so easy it will get boring. The fact that you have a clear time to shoot for makes the game much more challenging and much more entertaining, even if the racing itself is a bit simple. Challenge yourself to get a gold medal score on all three tracks. It isn't an easy goal to accomplish but that's what makes it such a fun goal to shoot for. If you were a big fan of the original game in the Pro Rally series, you might be a bit disappointed to see the number of tracks reduced, but in the grand scheme of things, it's actually a good thing. You can focus on mastering the tracks instead of completing several different tracks with an average score.

Overall, Pro Rally 2009 is an excellent racing game for any fan of the genre regardless of whether you have a lot or only limited experience with this type of game. While the medal scores are a great addition, they aren't necessary to enjoy the game. The real fun here is just trying to make it to the end of the track with a decent score and then trying to best yourself. Once you're comfortable enough with the game, the challenge starts all over again as you try to get a bronze, silver or gold qualifying time. You'll have a blast with this one no matter what you're looking for. Great as a time killer or a long standing addiction, this game is one any fan of racing games or just fun online games needs to try at least once.