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Pipe Riders Controls

W speeds up, S slows down, A and D steer

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Pipe Riders Walkthrough

Pipe Riders is a 3D racing game that takes place in a pipe full of obstacles, racing against the clock to get the best time possible. You have over 30 stages each with a specific arrangement of obstacles. Navigating the track is simple, just hold down the accelerate and speed yourself to victory.

Along the road other than obstacles are turbos and green cubes. The cubes when collected replenish your shield for when you are unable to dodge the obstacles at 400mph, having a full shield when collected will knock two seconds off your endgame time, which adds up rapidly if you are able to collect as many as possible.

You have three vehicles to choose from at the beginning of Pipe Riders with a fourth unlockable one. They are named for their difficulty to drive, and the faster they are, the less shield they have. It's best to go onto Hard right away as you wont be getting medals on the other two.

By completing the stages in Pipe Riders within an allotted timeframe, some of which are only possible on the Extreme vehicle, you get a medal ranked between bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The road is the inside of a tube, but remains fairly linear when you find out how the track works. The obstacles take up portions of the pipe and avoiding them involves steering out of the way, some stages require weaving and some more advanced movements, the precision needed increasing with the speed of your vehicle of choice.

Pipe Rider also has a survival mode where you must last as long as possible on a repeating track, your vehicle getting faster with every few passing seconds, ending when you either retire from the race from boredom or crash your vehicle too often for the shield to hold out.