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Oversize Controls

Oversize is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys drive your car forward and backward respectively. The left and right arrow keys steer your car in the corresponding direction. Hold the spacebar to activate your nitro boost. The F key flips your vehicle if it is on its back and the R key resets your vehicle on the track. The P key pauses the game.

  • Rating: 4.5/5

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Oversize Walkthrough

Oversize is a 3D Shockwave monster truck racing game of epic proportions! This truck game features four tracks, four vehicles to drive, and a rocking soundtrack!

In Oversize, you compete against computer-controlled racers in four championships taking place on four unique tracks. Each championship has four events. Placing in these events earns points. In the first championship you must earn enough points to place in third to advance to the next championship, where you must place in second. You will have to finish the last two championships of this racing game in first place. When all four championships have been completed, you will unlock Free Ride mode. You are given the option to save your progress after each race, so you will not have to start from the beginning each time that you load up this racing game (lucky for you, because it can be a beast in terms of length!).

Although your monster truck can handle tough terrain better than a sports car would, you will still want to stay on the track as much as possible in Oversize just as you would in other racing games. Driving off-road may be helpful for lapping opponents in races (especially when the track is too crowded to pass your opponents), but in the Time Trial event, it is not a good idea. You can sometimes save time by driving off-road and cutting across the track, but you should not rely on this technique since your vehicle can go faster on the track than it can off-road. Different events in the championships will require different tactics.

You should also be on the lookout for powerups in this truck game. Powerups can improve your score, replenish your nitro boost, or freeze time. Some of these items have detrimental effects, however, such as stalling your engine, so be careful about what you pick up. In the Checkpoint event, it is especially important to collect the golden powerups with stars as these are the checkpoints that you are trying to reach!

Oversize is a racing game that lives up to its name! This truck game has a lot to offer and is sure to keep you busy and entertained!