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Offroaders Controls

The control scheme of Offroaders is as easy as it could get! Played entirely with the keyboard, you can use the arrow keys / WASD keys for basic movement. There are other hotkeys you need to check out and they're on the instruction section.

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Offroaders Walkthrough

A somewhat cutesy 3D racing game - this is Offroaders. The basic controls have been given above, BUT there are other shortcut keys you sure want to know like the back of your hand if you want to fare well in this game:

- Press the C / N button to pull the hand brakes.

- Reset the car with the ENTER button.

- Need a speed boost? Step on the nitro with the Space Bar button.

- If you're having a bad day and you want to restart the race, just press the R button.

- Mute the sound by pressing the M button... perfect if you are playing at the office. ?

The game play of Offroaders is very typical of racing games: finish the races and land on, at least, the top 5 place to unlock the next level. You are awarded cash prizes for finishing a race and there are loads of achievements to play for in the race tracks / levels.

Tips And Reminders:

- Steer clear of the straw bales. If you pass through them, you will be slowed down significantly.

- Upgrades, just like in other racing games, are VERY important in this racing game. That said, you should collect as much money on the race track as possible to pimp up your ride.

- Aside from upgrades, collecting money while racing helps fill up your boost. In racing games, that sudden speed surge is always a helpful thing!

- Want to earn a bonus? Jump through a flaming hoop and watch your money go up.

- Mud, just like the straw bales, is something you don't want to drive on or pass through. It drives your car out of control and you can find yourself spiraling out of control.

- As I have mentioned earlier, upgrades are a MUST! Every car has a set of attributes. Look at them and determine what are their weak spots and strong points. This will help you determine which upgrades will give you the BEST bang for your buck and which upgrades can be skipped for later.

Car's Available:

There are, all in all, 9 cars available in the game. One of them is locked - you can't view their stats / attributes. And you don't have to be a genius to guess that this is the BEST car in the bunch. How do you get it? You'll find out in the game. ?

As for the other cars, here they are:

Offroader - The most basic of them all and your default car. While it has good weight and grip, it sucks at the engine power and boost department.

Fastback ($1000) - A well balanced and great looking black car that is quite average on all specs and attributes.

Army Special ($6000) - This fellas is quite heavy, comes with a nice grip, and boost... making it perfect for rugged and unforgiving roads. HOWEVER, it's brakes and aero suffer from its weight.

Well, I won't go into an in-depth discussion of the other cars and their specs. You can find them in-game. BUT as I have said, do a good analysis of their specs and you will have a good idea of what they are for and what upgrades they need.