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Nuclear Outrun Controls

Nuclear Outrun is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The W and S keys are used to accelerate and to brake respectively, while the A and D keys tilt your vehicle left and right respectively. You may alternatively use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and to brake and the left and right arrow keys to tilt. Press the spacebar to deploy spiked wheels and use the mouse to aim and to shoot.

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Nuclear Outrun Walkthrough

Nuclear Outrun is a post-apocalyptic racing game developed by Nerdook. This shooting game features two methods of control, an RPG-like upgrade system, and cute, colorful graphics that are expected in a game by Nerdook.

Nuclear Outrun is classified as a racing game, but instead of racing against other vehicles, you will be racing against nuclear warheads! Your goal is to escape the city with your life before the nukes hit. You are given twenty trucks at the start of the game; save as many as possible.

You probably won't save the truck on your first playthrough, but your sacrifice will not be in vain. The more points that you score, the more experience you will earn. Points are scored by killing enemies, destroying obstacles and traveling long distances. If you cannot escape the city, at least try to make it as far as possible to earn more experience. If you earn enough experience, you will level up and earn an upgrade point. I advise using your upgrade points to enhance your vehicle's performance as well as your weapons. With enough upgrades, your subsequent trucks may have a chance to escape!

There are two control modes in Nuclear Outrun: automatic and manual. If you choose automatic mode, driving will be handled for you. All you will have to do in this mode is point and click with your mouse to shoot. If you choose manual mode, you will have to drive as well as shoot. Driving is handled by the arrow keys (or WASD keys). Use the up and down arrow keys (or the W and S keys) to accelerate and to brake respectively. The left and right arrow keys (or A and D keys) tilt your vehicle. Finally, you may deploy spikes from your wheels to help you to clear obstacles by pressing the spacebar. Do not waste your spikes or ammunition since your supplies are limited in this racing game!

Nuclear Outrun combines elements of racing games, shooting games, distance games, and role-playing games while still providing a unique gameplay experience. Do you have what it takes to escape the nuclear apocalypse? Find out in Nuclear Outrun!