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Neon Rider World Controls

Neon Rider World is controlled by using the keyboard. The W key accelerates, the S key brakes, the A key tilts left, and the D key tilts right. The arrow keys change the color of your bike. The game also offers a "lefty mode" where the WASD keys are used to change the color of your bike, the up arrow key is used to accelerate, the down arrow key is used to brake, and the left and right arrow keys are used to tilt your bike in the respective directions. The spacebar is used to restart the level, and the escape key can be used to exit to the main menu.

  • Rating: 4.33/5

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Neon Rider World Walkthrough

Neon Rider World is bike game that also features physics game and puzzle game elements. The game features crisp vector graphics, which are slightly reminiscent of the light cycle sequences from the Tron films. The in-game music sets the proper for this game, and the sound effects, while sparse, are appropriate. Even the interface is well-designed. Although simple, you can tell that a lot of effort was put into making it both useful and visually pleasing.

Neon Rider World features fifteen built-in levels, and plethora of user-created levels, providing unlimited possibilities. The objective on each level is to reach the end without losing all of your bike's health or falling off of the edge of the map. The initial levels are easy, but it becomes challenging very fast.

Changing your bike's colors isn't just for show in Neon Rider World! The puzzle game element comes into play as some levels require you to change colors in order to drive over certain surfaces, or switch colors to drive through other surfaces. The blue color is the default color of your bike, as well as the primary color of each course. Blue surfaces may be driven at all times, regardless of the color of your bike. Red, yellow, and green surfaces are only register collisions if your bike is the same color as the surface.

In Neon Rider World, you can perform tricks such as flips, getting sir time, and wheelies to score bonus points. These bonus points are used to reduce your total time at the end of the level. Try to perform as many tricks as possible while still keeping your bike intact to improve your time!

If you want to become a pro at Neon Rider World, I advise using the minimap in the lower left corner of the game screen. The minimap really helps you to know what is coming ahead, so that you can get ready to press the right key in order to change your color, or prepare to execute a maneuver. Also, if you are more comfortable using the arrow keys to control your bike (like I am), be sure to select "left mode" on the main menu.

Neon Rider World is a riveting bike game experience. If you enjoy bike games, puzzle games, or physics games, Neon Rider World will provide hours of addictive fun!