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Neon Rider Controls

Directional buttons change the color of your bike, W speeds up, S slows down, A and D shift the balance of your vehicle.

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Neon Rider Walkthrough

A unique racing game, Neon Rider puts you on a color-changing bike in a digital environment where your track is made up of thin neon lines of blue, red, green, or yellow.

At will, you can change the color of your bike to any of the colors in Neon Rider. Depending on what color it is, lines of the same color will become solid to your bike, allowing you to drive on them safely. Regardless of what color you change the bike to, blue lines will always be solid to you no matter what. By changing colors at the appropriate time, you can advance through the stage or take a different route through it if one is available.

If you hit a rather nice jump, you can do flips in the air and land on your wheels for a bonus to your final time that, though small, adds up with the best tricks for a better score. The bike is quite fast and switching between colors quickly on the more complicated tracks is key to getting the best times in Neon Rider.

Neon Rider runs on a physics engine, you need to be careful to not land upside down or on an awkward angle. If your bike's body hits any part of the lines, you will take damage as measured at the bottom-right of the screen. If your health hits zero, the race is over and you will have to restart.

The end of each stage in Neon Rider is an unmarked dead-end, you'll see it coming easily on the minimap. Keeping an eye on the minimap lets you plan ahead if you feel the game is too fast for you, and get some extra time to tell the difference between colors if you're colorblind or otherwise have a hard time with colors.