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Neon Race 2 Controls

The control scheme of Neon Race 2 is as straight forward as it could get. Just like other racing games, the entire game is played with the keyboard (arrow keys for basic movement). Use your turbo boost for max speed with the X / N button. That's about everything for the controls. Onto the game!

  • Rating: 4.6/5

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Neon Race 2 Walkthrough

Continuing the same tradition that the original Neon Racer game has set, the objective in Neon Race 2 is to finish the track within the time limit, unlock the next one, and do all of these in a pumped-up disco-style setting! Once you play this racing game, it's going to keep you VERY busy for the hours to come.

For those of you who haven't played the original game, Neon Racer 2 is... well, NEON! Everything you see: the road, the road hazards, cars, trucks, etc. all of them are glow in the dark. It gives the racing game that futuristic feel and look that we can only dream of in real life.

Upgrades Are Crucial: The addition of upgrades has been an increasing trend in today's racing games. In Neon Racer 2, you just can't go far enough without them... that is especially true in the later levels / stages of the game. Speed counts, of course, BUT stability and maneuverability of your ride are VERY crucial factors, too. When you finish the game, you get to unlock a fantastic car that has ALL of the upgrades maxed out and will blow any of your previous neon cars out of the water.

A Touch Of Red And Purple: There are 2 vehicle types you will encounter in this game - some of them are red, while the other ones are purple. You want to crash against the red ones as often as you can see them. They are breakable like glass AND, more importantly, they will add more to your turbo bar. The more red vehicles to smash through, the greater turbo boost you get.

The purple cars, motorcycles, etc., on the contrary, will NOT break and will significantly slow you down. These guys can be a HUGE pain and party-pooper as they come in greater numbers and swerve a lot in the later stages. If your reflexes are not fast enough, you will end up crashing against the road hazards and if that happens enough times, your car will end up in bits and pieces.

The Bonuses:

Aside from the upgrades, there are bonuses scattered all over the place, too. Grab them and you will be rewarded with cash, a bonus score, and a rampage. Rampage allows you to, well, go into a rampage! It will turn every vehicle in sight to red for a limited time. As far as vehicles go, when you are in rampage mode, you are unimpeded. My favorite combo is to step on the nitro while in rampage mode - allows you to go greater distances twice or thrice as fast... and fill up your nitro bar too in no time.

The Prizes:

One thing I want to bring up by the way, finishing a course doesn't entitle you to a cash prize automatically. The amount of money a track is worth are all scattered on the road. That's an extra challenge.

The game play is very straight forward BUT extremely addictive! Go fast, attack enemies, avoid obstacles, win races, and grab upgrades, rinse and repeat. With tons of garish lights, cool wire frame action, and HIGH speed action, this is a racing game you surely don't want to miss!